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This is the place for your finished builds


--- Quote from: NARSES2 on May 10, 2017, 01:59:10 pm ---This is the place for your finished builds

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But pop 'resurrections' updates in the 'Resurrected One-Weekers (including rules)' thread, please.

The thread's now unlocked (thanks for the prompt), so start posting!

Leading Observer:
Heinkel He-162A in Post War Service

Turkish Air Force He-162A  - Malatya Erhaç Airport March 1946
In late 1945 an Austrian business man approached a contact in Ankara with an offer to supply 24 new He-162’s with spares from a hitherto undiscovered underground factory in Austria. The aircraft had been crated ready for shipment at the end of the war, and their existence had remained a closely guarded secret. A price was agreed upon, and the crates were duly shipped to the Black Sea Port of Zonguldak and then by rail to Malatya Air Base, arriving in January 1946.
The aircraft were assembled here under the direction of German and Czech engineers. Assembly was straight forward, with few problems, the aircraft having been designed for swift construction by a relatively unskilled labour force, with the first flight taking place in February 1946. The aircraft were found to be a delight to fly by the experienced Turkish pilots, although several were lost due to the same mechanical and structural failures highlighted by both German and Allied Test Pilots.
The aircraft served with the Turkish Air Force until the early 1950’s when they were replaced by American aircraft, at which point the remaining aircraft were scrapped

Build Thread:,43805.0.html

Here's the Army Air Corps Westland WAG-66 Crossbow Comanche, ZK041 from 655 Squadron, 5 Regiment AAC, based at Middle Wallop during the 2010s.

Build thread here :-,


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