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And I lose a good chunk of time tonight to a diamond wedding do... :rolleyes:

A touch of clarification, for yours truly....   24:00 (midnight) of the 4th, GMT, translates to 7PM CST this evening (my time) which would be a mere 12 hours away.  Or, are we saying Midnight Monday morning, or in other words, the last minute of Sunday?

Yes the deadline is 24:00 GMT Sunday 4th June 2017, more correctly 2359 GMT 4 June 2017 - a minute to Monday

ATC, ship and other logs don't run to '2400' - the day's watch closes at 2359 and reopens 0001.  I'll have a word with Mr Edwards!

So I'm in London and its 1330 BST (1230 GMT/UTC) as I write.  wherever you are in the world you've just over 36 hours.

Awesome!! Thanks! . I'm trying to paint today but it's 100% humidity so the drying time is extended.  Should be perfect amount of time.   :laugh:

It's 2016 GMT/UTC right now, so just under 4 hours left, so get painting and decalling done!

And folks - get pics of your finished build/drawing on the completed builds thread ASAP, please!!

I'll lock the built thread tomorrow at some point and it'll either be Tuesday or Wednesday when I launch the vote.


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