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What's the critical path on your building?  What holds you up?
With me it's PSR so i'll go with a kit that fits well and do a paint only whiff with maybe some extra weapons hung on it.
If I do do a kitbash it'll be a simple one where the unrelated parts fit together so well (or can be made to fit together so well) that minimal filler is required.

I would say go with a modern well engineered kit like the Airfix F4F-4. Although strangely for a few of the past One Week builds I've done a full resin kit and had no problem completing it. Mainly Planet or Anigrand which go together well and don't have many parts.

Unfortunately I miss this years build although will probably have my own One Week Challenge when I return using an Anigrand kit.

Hobby Boss kits are a legit way of cheating in the 1 Week GB. Their F4Fs are nice - not 100% correct concerning engines and cowling, as far as I can tell, but these are good kits if you want to stay close to the OOB model/aircraft.

And an Airfix G.91 can be built in a couple of days, I did a Spanish one during one of the last GB editions, and AFAIK there was still time left for another build...  ;)

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: Dizzyfugu on May 14, 2017, 07:10:05 am ---... and AFAIK there was still time left for another build...  ;)

--- End quote ---

What do you mean "AFAIK"? :o

You probably built another 2 aircraft in the remaining minutes! ;D


Captain Canada:
I go see my the doc for a follow up x-ray and consultation on the 23rd, so if I get some good news look for me to enter a few ! Nothing else to do lol


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