Agusta Westland SkyHook UAV and a A Flying Parcel Machine 

Started by Robomog, March 13, 2023, 08:17:47 PM

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Hi all

Behold a bigger something i knocked up for a BTS group build

Here's the concept,  you've probably seen the Amazon locker, Inpost and those sort of things lurking outside supermarkets  and in shopping malls, but what about people in remote places and far flung islands that have to rely on slow boats or stretched lines of delivery?
Here's where the recently developed Agusta Westland SkyHook UAV and a A Flying Parcel Machine fills a gap,

Flying direct from the depot or a staging point it speeds up parcel delivery no end, weather permitting  , I will admit the concept has some possible flaws but let's run with it  :rolleyes:

 Here's the pics.....

First the complete caboodle

And some shots of the payload............

And without the payload......

All the fans pivot individually

And finally some scale shots.....

And that's it !

Had a real blast with this one, I love it when a non plan comes together.

As always all comments and criticisms gratefully accepted

Mostly harmless ...............


Bloody marvelous build Mog..I agree ..nothing better than a non plan coming together from nothing at all  :thumbsup:  ;D
Given time mate what you've built there will be the real deal ..drones are getting better and bigger pretty much every day ..so two weeks from now your idea is gonna be real ...if my math is right  :wacko:
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It's got a certain look about it and it's a good one  :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
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That's very inventive, and superbly built too.  :thumbsup:

Are the landing gear legs plastic? They look remarkably fragile.............
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Thanks guys

Kit:  They are plastic ( I think they came off a Harrier) but they are a Tee section so quite strong in themselves. The original design undercarriage was quite flimsy but with the addition of shock absorbers  it seemed to brace it up quite nicely.


Mostly harmless ...............



Wow I'd want to live in a remote location just to have the SkyHook deliver my mail  :mellow:  :thumbsup: amazing scratch build!
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Maybe should have called it Pan Post seeing how you have a Hook reference and then given the craft the name Tinkerbelle?

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


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