USN AKD - cargo destroyer

Started by JoeP, February 04, 2023, 12:58:26 PM

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Here are the images on Shutterfly

USN cargo destroyer

AKD - cargo-carrying destroyer

An experimental rebuild of an obsolescent destroyer into a fast cargo transport. The need was seen for transfer of high value cargo greater in volume than aircraft could manage and faster than purpose-built cargo ships such as the ubiquitous Liberty and Victory classes.  Following the example of both the banana boats of the 1930s and WW2 APDs, a few obsolescent destroyers of the Sims class were rebuilt to demonstrate the concept.

All weapons and equipment aft of the funnel were removed, replaced with cargo spaces, masts, and booms, their height and loading calculated carefully to not overbalance.  One forward 5" and two 20mm were retained for self-defense, a Hedgehog mounted in B position for additional protection. 

Four ships were converted, participating in exercises such as Fast Break and Run Rabbit in the mid 50s, racing across the Atlantic or Pacific at over 20 knots with the BOR Indiana or South Dakota and other fast transports to demonstrate capacity.  The Atlantic run was manageable by the converted destroyers, but crossing the Pacific required refueling en route from the modified battleships or stopping at way stations at Midway, Guam, Wake, and the Philippines.  The ships would be retired before the end of the decade, never actively used in their planned capacity.

The source of this model was a USN DD I bought of the wrong class for a real world project.  As is our wont, that's always a great excuse to make a what-if!
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In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.