Pegasus 1/8 War of the Worlds "The Martian"

Started by frank2056, January 05, 2023, 03:22:08 PM

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My first finished build of 2023. This is the Martian from the 1953 George Pal version of "War of the Worlds"

I've had this heavy vinyl kit rattling around for over 10 years and finally decided to build it. Pretty straightforward to paint - the veins were done with a blue marker. I added a light behind the eye from the "Space:1999 Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama" kit, which I bought as a source for spare parts. I also added some wires to the broken camera on the floor.

The rain stopped and the Sun came out briefly in the afternoon and i was able to get these shots.

The two books on the ground are "To Serve Man"

and "War of the Worlds"

Didn't do a very good a job with the light blocking around the eye. Oh well.

Overall a quick, easy "palate cleansing" kit.


So I got that going for me...which is nice....


That takes me back. :thumbsup:  First time I saw that film would have been at the School Film Club sometime around 63/64 and it's still one of the better versions of the story.
Decals my @r$e!


One of the most joyful moments in the lives of my wife and I, when we saw WotW again after becoming dedicated fans of MST3K was hearing "Dr. Clayton Forrester".  Totally changed that film for us!

That's a very scary and alien creature, makes a good subject.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Thanks guys!

Joe - My wife and I are huge MST3K fans (Kickstarter backers, the whole bit) so we always get a laugh over "Dr. Clayton Forrester" - we watched the movie over the weekend and that's what inspired me to finish this kit. The movie is fun for nostalgic reasons, but the plot and some of the acting is worthy of an MST3K treatment. Moreso than "This Island Earth"



That brought back some very old memories that did...I'd forgotten about the original alien.
Beautiful build Frank and love the paint work  :thumbsup:  ;D
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