NASA Recorded The Sound From A Black Hole, And It's Super Eerie

Started by scooter, August 25, 2022, 06:07:59 PM

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From the article:

The black hole is at the center of the Perseus cluster of galaxies, and the acoustic waves coming from it have been transposed up 57 and 58 octaves so they're audible to human hearing...

We wouldn't be able to hear them at their current pitch. The waves include the lowest note in the Universe ever detected by humans – well below the limits of human hearing...

The lowest note, the one identified back in 2003, is a B-flat, just over 57 octaves below middle C; at that pitch, its frequency is 10 million years. The lowest note detectable by humans has a frequency of one-twentieth of a second.
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Yes, that's definitely a LOW frequency!!!  :o
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Imagine someone walking up to you, pointing at a Spitfire model and asking why that Mustang has those funny colored circles on its wings. What? calm down! They're both Allied airplanes and they fought the Commies in WWI, right?

As an astronomy major, amateur astronomer and up to date in the field... this article makes me grit my teeth in the same way. Oh well, make science interesting, etc. etc.

John Scalzi (who writes good SF as well) made some music with that sound.


Pah!  It's either an outtake from the Bowie album 'Low' or a mid-70s Brian Eno album.  Either way, Eno had a hand in it!
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Quote from: scooter on August 25, 2022, 06:07:59 PM...
... at that pitch, its frequency is 10 million years. The lowest note detectable by humans has a frequency of one-twentieth of a second.

So, one sound wave takes 10 million years to complete.... How long have they been listening?


Interesting that people have commented Pink Floyd, Eno etc., my first thought was Phillip Glass.  ;D