1/48 Polish Su-25

Started by wacek85, August 02, 2022, 10:35:55 AM

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Just after finishing...
1/48 Smer Su-25 in Polish camo and markings. There is a lot of things which are needed to be done to make a good model out of this set. This one "ate" a half of putty tube, six nails as a ballast and took me few weeks. It's painted with Mr Color range.

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Not Russki! Is good! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Really nice build, mate! :mellow:
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Nice!  :thumbsup: Looks rather like a Polish Navy aircraft?


Quote from: Old Wombat on August 02, 2022, 11:16:14 AM
Not Russki! Is good! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Really nice build, mate! :mellow:

Thanks :) Well, it was quite close to not being what if.
Just before begining of serial production of SU-25 in USSR, in 1978 , because of load of production lines, russkies proposed passing Su-25 license to Poland, to WSK PZL Mielec. They planned to start production in 1985.

Quote from: Dizzyfugu on August 02, 2022, 11:42:17 AM
Nice!  :thumbsup: Looks rather like a Polish Navy aircraft?

Thank you. It's actually a typical modern camo for polish Su-22 which isn't a Navy aircraft by any means :)


Their SU-22s painted like that look really good. I've got one in the stash for future use.
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A very smooth and clean look for so much putty. A :wub:the subtle camo, too.



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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Yeahhhh thats  a freaking nice build ..smooth as hell and no red star..even better  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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