An early Jaguar XJ-S with photos

Started by McColm, July 24, 2022, 06:49:21 AM

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I bought the 1/24 Revel easy build kit for a £1,I think that someone else has had a go at building it but might of come to the same conclusion as I did  The Saint's Jaguar didn't have tinted rear cluster lenses.

As the build requires no glue or paint, I have assembled as per instructions only adding the door mirrors. I intend to paint it as close to the photos on the box. I also intend to highlight the engine as well.

The number plate will change to ST IG.

There's no side indicators on the model kit, I'll have to check and see if they were fitted on RW Jags. Pre-HE models don't have side indicators, so I will leave them off.


Side indicators would depend on the market area. Those for the US had to have them, whereas European, including the UK, didn't require them at the time.
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Some of us are old enough to remember the Saint driving a Volvo P1800.
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Yup i do remember that P1800 ..i thought it was a very cool looking car and i still have evil thoughts about modding one along with the XJS to this day.
Serious mods to both..alot of cutting for better stuff  ;D
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Quote from: Rheged on July 26, 2022, 11:39:40 AM
Some of us are old enough to remember the Saint driving a Volvo P1800.
A friend of a friend has got one. His one has been modified and isn't the original colour anymore. The Volvo P1800 is a cool looking car.


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