XR219 RW build

Started by Devilfish, June 21, 2022, 10:18:02 PM

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This is my latest TSR2 build.  Just for once I decided to actually build the one that flew.  The kit, as usual is the Airfix 1/48 kit, with all its inherent mistakes.
The only things I did was to insert a plastic shim under the panel between the forward section of the wings, to level it, and to drill and reinforce the pin that the main wheel bogies mount to, on the main legs (I drilled it out and fitted a cut down pin). I also cut down the pilots instrument panel and coaming, as it completely filled the windscreen....

20220617_160535 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160557 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160553 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160539 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160547 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160543 by Paul Carter, on Flickr
20220617_160605 by Paul Carter, on Flickr


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Such a lovely looking aeroplane, and model too.  :thumbsup:
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Quote from: PR19_Kit on June 22, 2022, 03:57:36 AM
Such a lovely looking aeroplane, and model too.  :thumbsup:

Absolutely  :thumbsup:
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Nice work. Such big, beautiful machines. Ah, if only......
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Very nice, regardless of all the excellent WHIFs about I still like the real world white colour scheme.

I'm currently building the 1/72  version but I will not achive this superb  level of build

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I did the 1/72 one after this (for the same customer) as XR220.  I much prefer the larger kit.


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