I'm a published author!!!!

Started by TomZ, May 27, 2022, 12:34:41 AM

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A few months ago I wrote an article about my two Unicraft flying subs and sent it in to the Dutch IPMS magazine.
And, surprise, surprise, the published it in the latest issue  <_< <_<

Here are the posts on these two models on the forum:



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Bravo, Tomz.    I am delighted to see your success!!
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Cool, congratulations!  :drink:


and what a topic !
flying submarine boats !


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wow, its like freefalling into the Geofront
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Well done! I bet they jumped on it as how often do you get a nice article about flying submarines! :thumbsup:
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The article is looking awesome, but I really need to work on my Dutch.. :rolleyes:
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Cool.  I had one of my pieces of Blake's 7 fanfic published in an anthology a few years back.  More on topic, I did all the  design and pre-press production work on two of John Baxter's books.
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Belated congrats Tom!

I saw the article in the IPMS Netherlands, but didn't realize it was yours.. :wub: was thinking, oh, this should be checked by Tom as both models are from Unicraft.

Anyway, a great piece of work. Easy to read, great in historical back ground and a source for pointers about Unicraft. Congratulations it was published as it is really something different than the usual stuff. I glad the editorial team had the guts to publish it.

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