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Originally, I wanted to make a 1/48 two seats X-29B out of the F-20B from Freedom Model. Without paying attention, I thought the difference between X-29 and F-20 is simply X-29 has a slightly larger air intake. Only after completing the build and starting to paint I realized that not only the X-29 has a larger air intake but the entire intake also sits higher up. Well, too late for any modification, hence F-29B   ;)

Background story:
In an alternate reality, F-16 does not exist and USAF takes on the F-20. For many years, it dominates the light weight fighter as the most maneuverable fighter until the advent of the single engine Mig-29. Rumour has it that the Mig-29 has thrust vectoring nozzle together with supreme aerodynamic and maneuverability. This spook the higher up in the ranks. In view of X-29 proving it great maneuverability, Northrop was ordered to convert the  F-20 with forward swept wings to increase the maneuverability and given the designation F-29. The two seat was selected and the conversion went on successfully. It proves the desired maneuverability the ranks want but external store carrying capability proves too much of a challenge with various teething weapon separation issues. It quickly see the whole concept abandoned when the cost skyrocketed. The only converted aircraft was passing through one agency to another to carry out research and development or adversaries duty.

comrade harps

With that white with red scheme and the sharply swept wings, it reminds me of a Captain Scarlet Angel Interceptor!

Gorgeous :wub:



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Crisp. Nicely done!  :thumbsup:


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Captain Canada

Beautiful ! Looks so right like that, and a natural progression of said machine. I've got a similar one in my half built pile, albeit in 72nd scale.
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Beautifully done!  :wub: :wub:
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Ive liked the X29 mainly cause its alot on the different side but a two seater is just plain cool ..beautiful paint  and weathering..a lovely sight  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Well done! Lots of whiff potential in the F-20, X-29 series. I love the great ideas that show up here!
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Damn that looks just right.  Excellent Whiffery!!
So I got that going for me...which is nice....


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Very pretty plane. I love the livery, and the shape is gorgeous too. I guess I am a bit of a sucker for the T-38 and twoseater Northrop F5 variants.
And the job you did is really outstanding. Love it to bits.
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