1/700 Suyata I-401 space submarine

Started by wacek85, December 11, 2021, 06:01:28 AM

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1/700 space submarine I-401 from Suyata is ready. What can I say? Wonderful model! Grab one while you can. Perfect near Tamiya fit, great details, good decals. I've painted mine with Mr.Hobby, AK and Vallejo paints. For weathering  I've used AMMO washes and oilbrushers. Side armor and torpedoes were finished by utilising idea of my friend, who uses tilling glue to make a texture. Ending result can be seen on photos. Hope you'll like it :)


Looks like a sub the Gamilons SBY(aka Star Blazers) would use
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That's really awesome!  :wub:
I love the shields on the side that look like ground cover. Not sure how effective it would be underwater but given this is meant to fly in space, its a good hiding mechanism within an asteroid field
Great to see one of these being made and really well to


Quote from: Madhatter on December 11, 2021, 04:44:30 PM

I love the shields on the side that look like ground cover.

Ah, that's what they are. I thought it was "flying" through them. Thanks for enlightening me  :thumbsup: I know nothing about the genre I'm afraid but can recognise a well built model  :bow:
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