Junkers Ju-388J-2 NJG-7

Started by TomZ, November 20, 2021, 10:21:33 AM

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Junkers Ju-388J-2

The Junkers Ju 388 Störtebeker was a World War II German Luftwaffe multi-role aircraft based on the Ju 88 airframe by way of the Ju 188. It differed from its predecessors in being intended for high altitude operation, with design features such as a pressurized cockpit for its crew. The Ju 388 was introduced very late in the war.

The night fighter variant Ju-388J was introduced in service in 1945 to counter the USAAF B-29 bombers.
The photographs show a Ju-388J-2 from NJG-7 stationed in the south of Germany in January 1946.

Model: Planet resin 1/72
This is one of the models I finished to take to the Dutch IPMS Nationals which were scheduled for November 27th. However they were cancelled because of Covid.  :banghead: :banghead: :banghead:
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