RF-4E Outback Recon

Started by Nick, November 10, 2021, 06:20:09 AM

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I've been working on this F-4 for a long time now and it's nearly ready for display.

It's the RF-4E kit from Revell which came with German Tiger meet markings. Not an easy one to build and I've learnt a lot from this, mainly about building and painting in stages. Not helped by me doing it in bits at a time over 6 years...

Story: The Australian Government ordered the F-111 in 1965 when it was the great wonder of aviation. Then numerous reports came out on how bad the F-111 was doing in tests and over Vietnam. After having to lease F-4 Phantoms to cover the delay in delivery, the Australian Government decided to cut their losses. The decision was made to stick with an F-4 strike fleet.
Eventually these would equip 4 squadrons of the RAAF including 6 models of the RF-4E used for recon.

Here's a work in progress preview of the RAAF RF-4E. Since this I've put the wheels and nose probe in place and the jamming pods are being painted.


Decals my @r$e!


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So I got that going for me...which is nice....


That does look good Nick.  :thumbsup:

I've always liked the RAAF scheme they carried on their F-4Es, and the RF version looks even better.
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