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Started by nönöbär, November 07, 2021, 04:01:20 AM

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When my brother had his wedding recently, we needed something to nicely pack our git (i.e. some money). My Gf came up with this card "I love you to the mun and back" and suddenly I had this idea of printing something.

So I printed my brother and his wife, the Mun and a spaceship. All those 3D models were found on Thinigverse, and if you know it, those figures are Kerbals - but not green this time. So there was this little diorama:

And the final thing - everything packed together:

And they liked it :)

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That's brilliant  ;D ;D :bow:

You should go into business  ;D :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!


That's the most clever thing I've seen in a long time!!!
For a minute I thought the Kerbals were Rabbids!
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Very nice idea and realization!
Owing to the current financial difficulties, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice.



- Can't be bothered to do the proper research and get it right.

Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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