MiG-42 from Jetfighter Full Burn

Started by Lrrr, October 22, 2021, 03:41:30 PM

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Working on something....

I actually bought this game (guilty!) just because I liked the look of the MiG rendering moreso than the eventual MiG I.44 prototype (that was almost certainly sold to China for the J-20. 

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Need to tidy up a few lines, but here's how I did trying to match their computer rendering by putting a MiG-29S 1:72 model under the knife.   

Looks like their vertical tail is closer together and the double-delta starts a little further back.  That would have been pretty hard to match exactly since the MiG-29 'Centroplan' is so integral, it would have ended up a triple-delta to match their wing shape.
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Thanks all!

First round decals (sorry poor quality img):

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