Wetland Pericles Mk-I

Started by TomZ, September 05, 2021, 12:23:16 PM

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Wetland Pericles Mk-I

When the Westland Lysander started to be used for clandestine missions, dropping agents in occupied Europe, the short landing and take-off performance of the Lysander was highly appreciated. The RAF approached Westland to get an even better STOL performance. After studies, Wetland came up with a biplane version of the Lysander, called Pericles.

The RAF ordered 112 examples of this aircraft which were very uickly being called Bisander by their crews.

In essence the Bisander was a biplane version of the Lysander with a second set of wings attached to the bottom of the fuselage. The very low wing loading gave the aircraft an impressive STOL capability. However, the addition of the second wing slowed down the aircraft even further from already not very impressive performance of the Lysander and the aircraft were very easy prey to German night fighters.

The Bisander was withdrawn from service in 1944.

Model: 2 x Matchbox Lysander

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The Rat

Very attractive, and a great idea!  :wub: :thumbsup:
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Magnificent! great idea, very neat executed. Top notch modelling!

David aka 63cpe


Stupendous build there Tom, and a very practical idea too.  :thumbsup:
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Very cool.  :thumbsup:

A reverse stagger Bisander would be intriguing.  :mellow:

Hmmm, reverse-stagger with Heston Phoenix type retractable landing gear.

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Old Wombat

With two Lysander wings I'd expect her to take off in a slight breeze without the engine running! :o ;D ;D :thumbsup:
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That's really good whiffing! It's annoyingly natural!  :thumbsup:
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That works disturbingly well.  :thumbsup:


That's really good Tom and not to far fetched  :thumbsup:. Westland were looking at ways to improve the STOL performance and went with the Delanne system. This would have been far more practical and quicker as it used existing and more importantly known technology.
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Good Pericles model, congratulations! :thumbsup:
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comrade harps



Top build, Tom.  Love the 'Bisander' nickname!
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And that's another idea I might shamelessly steal.......................... :wub: :thumbsup:
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