1/700 Flyhawk Bismark - WOWS edition

Started by Madhatter, August 24, 2021, 05:41:55 AM

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hey everyone

Just finished my FH Bismark in the WOWS "Decepticon" camo skin. I did it in this scheme as I thought it was pretty cool and different to the usual pattern. I didn't add the Decepticon logo though and there was no way I could replicate the guns the way they are in the game. I did add fiber optics though for a little bit of eye candy. I haven't added any PE or rigging (yet - I may do down the line) as this was meant to be a fun build. I needed a break from super-detailing a build. Its a really nicely detailed kit straight out of the box and it will do me just fine.

Anyways, that's it. I know it's not exactly my best ship ever - my Richelieu was better but I still like it. The Grosser Kurfurst will be better
As always, thanks for looking


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Nice job, Si! :thumbsup:

I tend to run British &, to a slightly lesser extent, US ships in WoWS ... But it's been a while, now. ;)
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thanks guys.
I'm getting into the US BB's a bit more as I really like the damage the AP does. Not quite as devastating as the Yamato but not far off. My favourite ship in the game is the Konisberg. It is just lethal and is by far the best cruiser at it's tier. I've had most if not all of my Krakens in that


Terrific job on that scheme on a great build.
No idea what is involved in WOWS (or WOT for that matter) but pretty sure I do not want to get in involved ;) I have enough time sinks with the Civilisation franchise and Fallout/Starcraft/Tiberian Sun


LOL! Yeah I spend way too much time on WOWS - or at least that's what the wife says anyway.  ;D


Very good.  As always I am impressed by someone who can put electricity in a model without a burning smell resulting.


- Can't be bothered to do the proper research and get it right.

Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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LOL! I'd be lying if I did not have doubts sometimes  ;D ;D


Looked pretty cool and impressive in the first few shots thanks to the camo scheme, but it looks proper evil with the lights on. Wicked!  :wacko: Very well done!  :bow:

Must, then, my projects bend to the iron yoke of a mechanical system? Is my soaring spirit to be chained down to the snail's pace of matter?


In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


Thanks for the kind posts guys
Im almost done with the follow up ship, the Grosser Kurfurst which I will post soon and that's much better than this one