Westland Sea King HH-3F

Started by McColm, June 26, 2021, 04:28:11 AM

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 What if Westland had licenced built it's own version of the Sikorsky HH-3F know as the Pelican or Jolly Green Giant.
With the rear loading ramp I can see the HH-3F being used in the C.O.D. role with the Royal Navy on their aircraft carriers and a troop carrier for the Royal Marines or Special Forces.
With a bit of whiffery I can see it in the role of Combat SAR or support probably used in the RW by the Italians,  but other uses such as ASW or AEW and you can just paint it yellow and add the hoists plus decals.
There's a few kits including Revell ,Aruora and Starfix that have made the Jolly Green Giant and I think that there was a resin conversion set for the Pelican.
At the lower end the Lindberg kit seems a reasonable price,  although it's not compatible with the Airfix Sea King parts. Adjustments can be made to improve the kit.
I'm thinking along the lines that the HH-3F was used instead of the Sea King  HC.4. The winter camouflage scheme could be adopted to the Tiger Meet colours or kept with the lumps and bumps. The folded rotors and folded tail rotor will have a few people scratching their heads with  RAF  SAR yellow or Fleet Air Arm schemes.
I managed to buy my 1/72 Lindberg kit in a charity shop which uses it's back room as a food bank. It cost me a couple of quid as don't think the ladies running the shop knew what it was.
Most of the pieces are in good condition and the seats from the Airfix kit will come in very handy. I intend to open the forward door on the right hand side and make a gap bigger . As the Airfix kit provides a clear plastic door a lot of the interior cabin details can be seen. That will depend on how well I get on.
I think a few more kits will be bought for the other variants I have listed.
Airfix did the Super Jolly Green Giant CH-53C. So did Revell and Fujimi. Italeri does the MH-53 series in 1/72 scale

Logan Hartke

They do use them in that silly "Day After Tomorrow" disaster film.



Thanks Logan,  I haven't seen that film.


In the film they were not fitted out for cold weather opertations !  :wacko:
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Quote from: McColm on June 26, 2021, 10:05:33 AM
Thanks Logan,  I haven't seen that film.

I have McColm. Its an idea and not too badly made but its a cringeworthy film tbh.
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The interior parts from the Airfix Westland Sea King HC.4,  are almost a good fit. In some areas a slight trim is needed. Just waiting for my razor saw to arrive so I can remove the forward sliding door and set it in the open position on the Revell kit.