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Afrika Korp, Luft 1946: Me P.1111

Started by Stan in YUL, May 03, 2021, 07:12:43 PM

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Stan in YUL

Once more into the Afrika theme...

A late model configured for very long range, Mid-Atlantic interception of B-35 bombers on shuttle missions from North America. This version used Schmidding rocket boosters for max fuel / max weight takeoff in high/hot conditions.  New air to air refueling capability by He-177 tankers orbiting over the Bay of Biscay allowed North African based P.1111s to intercept the bomber streams, forcing a more Northern route to evade and further into weather that lead to frequent mission aborts.

Starting with PM Models 1/72 Me p.11111, I added a cockpit, refueling probe, pitot tubes, DF antenna,  afterburner, wing pylons, a pair of aux wing tanks, RATO bottles, and a set of X-4ish missiles. Decals are a mix of kit and spares box.

Some build images:

So that's number three.  I have in mind 2 or 3 more but I hear a 1980's SABA calling at the moment.

Hope you saw something interesting and thanks for looking.


Really nice, and cool to see the full context.  :thumbsup:
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Really neat, shows what can be done with those old PM kits  :thumbsup:
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Very nice,  I  made one into  a Boulton Paul  prototype fighter :thumbsup:
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