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Started by TomZ, April 25, 2021, 09:47:14 AM

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Lippisch Li-313

In March 1945 captain Johnson led a small team investigation reports of a secret airfield near the town of Klagenfurt in Austria. The team rode in a number of trucks and they took along a number of M-19 transport lorries. The found three examples of a thus far unknow German fighter aircraft which baffled all the technicians on the team. The aircraft did not appear to have fuel tanks, but it did have a compartment which contained coal pellets.

The aircraft were given US markings and loaded on the M-18s and two trucks were filled with the coal pellets. They returned to base with their prizes where they astounded the allied scientists. It turned out they had found three intact examples of the Lippisch Li-313 fighters which were the only aircraft of its type completed before the end of the war. They were deployed for testing the concept of the Lippisch P-13 design.
One aircraft was donated to the English and the other two were taken to the USA. Because of the advanced nature of the design, the capture was kept secret. The further fate of the three aircraft is unknown.

Models: Matchbox M-18 Tank transporter & PM Models P-13a

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That's a good looking pair of models! The M18 looks great!

In the RW, the DM-1 glider was tested extensively in the US and Alexander Lippisch worked at Convair for many years. The XF-92 was the result, which looks like an evolved jet version of the P-13.


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This is a remarkably well made model with a credible backstory.

A report on the British involvement in the Lippisch coal fired aircraft has appeared earlier on this website

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A great looking pair - well done! :thumbsup:


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Congratulations! :thumbsup:
(this is a very unknown part of USAAF) ;)
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Congratulations! :thumbsup:
(this is a very unknown part of USAAF) ;)

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Now that I can see as having happened. Very good.