RENARD R 40 HR Models 1/72 Armée de l'air 1940/1941

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A final version of the Renard fighter was built, the R-40, for the French Air Ministry.

This model was a high-altitude, pressurized cabin fighter that could be released in flight using a compressed air system.

In the face of the German advance, the Renard firm evacuated to France, carrying its proto-type in spare parts in order to continue testing in the unoccupied zone, but in the breakup, the plane was abandoned at Tournai where it was probably destroyed during the bombing of the city.

In alternative history the plane would have operate in the last months of 1940.

20210313_170507 by Hervé Vincent, sur Flickr

20210313_170553 by Hervé Vincent, sur Flickr


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