Fokker F.26 Phantom in 1/72 scale.

Started by zanenobbs, August 18, 2020, 03:41:41 PM

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Here is the completed IRMA Kit No. 7 Fokker F.26 Phantom! This kit is exclusive to the International Resin Modellers Association - IRMA. You can see the history of it here:, the build article here:, and ordering information here:, , , , , , In the last photo, the truck holds the power for the interior lighting, run via the "fuel" tube.
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So unusual a silhouette, and a very nice model, congratulations! :thumbsup:
[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]

Captain Canada

Now that is cool ! Love the design. I want one ! Defo saving that idea !

Cheers !
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I've been after one of these for aaages. I've had a couple of bashes at building a simulator version in x-plane. Following the link though, this model is sold out.

A really interesting configuration and an insight into what aircraft designers were doing to try to integrate this radically new propulsion system.
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Thank you for your interest in our Fokker F.26! We are preparing to do another run in the future, most likely early in 2021. Please be patient! We do these in batches and have to have at least 10 orders to break even, when more, any profit goes back into production to help us expand.


We make the kits no one else does!



That's awesome!!!  Nice, nice work....
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I can imagine that in Dutch AF colours.  :thumbsup:
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It looks like a DC-3 with a pair of jet engines and wings from a F-101.


This is such a cool plane. I started - but never finished - a 1/400 version. I should convert it to a 3D object that can be printed in (almost) any scale.


Nice!  Hope the Captain had a big trim wheel for power changes!

Love it
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Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! The engine layout of side-by-side was first utilized by the USA for the Bell P-59 Airacomet in 1942, although a bit differently by being within the fuselage whereas the F.26 has them underneath.

Currently, we're working on setting up the next run for this year. Please let me know if you are interested at Our organization works on paid reservations to fund the kits we want produced. If you'd like one, our current pricing is US $190 + shipping, however, if you join the International Resin Modellers Association at the IRMA Member price is only $160 + shipping with additional discounted pricing on our other kits also!  We include interior details in each kit and our site is even used for a reference in aviation and piloting classes! Yes, I was surprised  to find this out also! Here's to a better year for everyone in 2021!
We make the kits no one else does!