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I am using the enforced confinement to try completing a series of builds, some of them dating back to many years.
Maybe I had even already presented this in the forum, in an early stage of realization, but the topic is lost in the fog of time.

Seeing in Europe that their earlier decision to defend the NEI (Nederlands(ch)-IndiĆ« ) by patrolling air cruisers (Martins) was not really feasible, a mad rush begun by the late 1930s to build up a modern, all-round air force with adequate reserves in time before the expected Japanese onslaught. Many Dutch pilots joined the KNIL (Koninklijk Nederlands Indisch Leger - Royal Netherlands East Indies Army ) from Europe and a huge program was started to train plenty of flyers, including a Reserve Corps. 
Among the new aircraft types studied for specific use in NLI, besides the Dornier 24, a floatplane fighter was considered useful.
The second dutch aircraft manufacturer, Koolhoven, presented a project studied in collaboration with Peperkamp, a well-known aerodynamicist.
The project was approved and 24 planes were built and sent to NLI before Nederland was invaded.
The aircraft (and their pilots) fought valiantly against the japanese, but all were lost to superior enemy forces.
Model is the Airfix Henschel 123, using the upper wing in the lower position. Float is from the Airfix Arado 196.

p.s. Peperkamp is a model shop in Ede.
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Ohhhhhh, I love this one!

Great idea and beautifully executed.
I'm sure Gerrie (Peperkamp) would love it!

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Single float seaplanes are the BUSINESS!

And that one's an absolute gem.  :thumbsup:
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That's gorgeous! Love it!

Very good plan Loupgarou!

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Nice work ! Looks like a fun little build.

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What a lovely little floatplane.
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Oh that really works, great work and I can see that being used as a catapult fighter on either a heavy cruiser or battleship perhaps ?  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!


 :o neat and sexy (sounds may be weird so apologies for my English  :rolleyes: )



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Owing to the current financial difficulties, the light at the end of the tunnel will be turned off until further notice.

The Wooksta!

Nice!  Is there a spatted landplane version?
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Very nice!  :wub:

I reckon it would've looked great as a bi-plane as well.

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