Wanted - 1/72 Beaufighter wheels

Started by dadlamassu, March 19, 2020, 09:53:15 AM

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Today I wound up the unfinished the school project and dropped my Beaufighter NF Mk2 (the one my father flew in).  The wheels popped off and nose arrow head aerial disappeared.  I found one wheel.

Does anyone have a pair of suitable wheels?  If there is also a spare aerial that would be great as I am not relishing trying to make one. 

Many thanks



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Thanks for that, I'll see if they are available in UK. 



I've a couple of arrow head aerials you might be able to use
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The arrowhead aerial is for the nightfighter option in the  Tamiya Mosquito.

Good to hear you actually got that Beaufighter together.
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Thanks.  Yes I managed to get it looking ok except for the cockpit canopy.  I just could no get it to lie flush so the model has a slight ridge at the nose.