Kitbashing the Mach2 Martin SeaMaster with the Matchbox Handley Page Victor

Started by McColm, March 13, 2020, 04:05:26 PM

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Suprisingly these two model kits are compatible,  the T-tail from the Victor is a good fit. So too is the inflight refuelling probe which sits on the nose of the SeaMaster,  it seems to have the same curve. Then there's the wings,  the SeaMasters' can be cut and glued to the section just past the under wing fuel tank and is slightly longer than the one provided in the Matchbox kit.
The main fuselage can be cut to allow the new section including the Victor's engines and wing stubs although so filler/puty will be needed. The interior from the Victor can be used.
A raid in the spares boxes should result in a suitable landing gear or I can try the landing gear from the Valiant B.2 vacform kit.
I will call this the HP Majestic but I haven't thought of a purpose for it yet.

Joe C-P

SAS or Royal Marines, with a split-nose opening forward to let them off at the beach.
In want of hobby space!  The kitchen table is never stable.  Still managing to get some building done.


That's a good idea,  I've used a cut down version of the Airfix BAe Nimrod MR.1 main landing gear,  just have to attach the nose wheel leg and fill in the gaps. More parts from the Nimrod will be used.


Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


Wow great work,  mine has the two under wing fuel tanks from the Revell/Matchbox kit and the inflight refuelling probe. It also has the searchlight and wing fuel tank from the Airfix HS/BAe Nimrod MR.1/MR.2 which will house the weather radar. I chopped off the rear end to fit a resin ECM from the ERB-66 at one stage which has now detached itself. This will be blanked off and lumpy bits added from the spares box. The MAD boom will be added to the T-tail. ESM Yellow Gate wing pods will be fitted above the wing tipped floats.
I still have to add details to the cockpit as I have the clear vacform canopy from one of the vacform SeaMaster kits. I'm leaning towards an alternative paint scheme or an experimental colour scheme rather than the normal one used on RAF bombers and  HS/BAe Nimrod of the period.


Whilst rummaging around for parts for other started builds I came an old 1/72 Mach2 Martin SeaMaster kit which has been picked for spares.
I have reinstated the Mach2 fuselage with the T-tail from the SeaMaster,  where I was a bit ambitious with the joining of the Matchbox/Revell HP Victor K2 which left gaps these have been covered by my scratch building F.O.D. doors also made from the Mach2 kit. I have found a piece of metal etching that fits over the opening. These look like heat exchangers just forward of the main air intakes on the Victor. The main landing gear from the 1/72 Monogram B-36 Peacemaker fits into the main wheel wells but I haven't glued them on yet.
A few more improvements should produce something decent,  I 've managed to find the kits' cockpit canopy and it doesn't look too bad. I might get a bit creative and add a bit of detail.
Another rummage might reveal where I left the superglue.


I managed to fill all the gaps with milliput so the F.O.D doors have been removed. Above the wingtip floats are a pair of ESM pods from the Airfix BAe Nimrod MR.1/MR.2 kit.  A lot of PSR has been done,  some more will have to be done before the painting stage..