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Whats the story?  US drops aid to Israel to try and move peace process along/try to get some popularity in the Arab world.  The French don't care who they sell arms to as long as they get a sale, so Israel goes back to its pre-US arms supplier.  Is the Rafale a replacement for the F-16?
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Yup, the Israeli scheme sounds good to me.......

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:p Come on chaps. The Israeli Rafale would sound great, cause the colour scheme is so good. But what about other schemes? Suggestions?
Here's a few, although I haven't thought of scenarios to go with the schemes (these can always come later, made to "fit")
How about Royal Navy....Sky/grey or white /grey?
               USN in gull grey/white/pretty markings?
               South Korean low-viz greys
               South Vietnamese low-viz greys/blues
               Canadian Navy grey/dark grey
               RNZAF grey/mid-blue
               Argentinian Navy low-viz greys
               portuguese Tiger Squadron
There's a lot of super schemes out there for a lovely looking aircraft.....let's have some imagination for finishing it?
Should I do an Imperial Roman Navy one?
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How about a USN Adversary scheme?

Matt [8}


Hey fellas,

I just got my two seater Rafale today and was thinking that it would look pretty cool in Israeli markings with a sort of F-16 style camo.  What do you guys think.  Any other ideas.  I think I once saw a Rafale M in US navy markings in a Fine scale modeler anyone remember that one?

Take care,

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There was a well finished Rafale in multi-sand French colours at the British Nats last year that looked good. At least 4 shades on the upper-surfaces. I was kicking myself that I got rid of my Revell kit. I must get another.
Israeli colours a la F-16 would look super though, especially with a few "special" Israeli mods. :l
Once you've visited the land of the Loonies, a return is never far away.....

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Hello everybody!!

I need your help with my 1/72 Rafale B.

Few month ago, a friend gives me few part of an Italeri Rafale: just the fuselage and the wings. I already scratchbuild the nose, the landing gear, the "canards" (don't know the english word for that) etc...
Now I'm building the weapons pylons.

But this plane is quite different from the real Rafale because of my modifications. So I want to do a what if with it, but I have not a lot of idea. Perhaps a new Rafale's Block??

I thought it could be cool to put some japanese weapons (I buy the JASDF Aircraft Weapons 1 kit from Hasegawa) or to give it australians mark.

I want something realistic and who can happened around the years 2015-2020, but it is my first what if kit, so...

I thank you for your help and I will find a way to give you some pictures of my work.

PS: English is not my native language, escuse me for the mistake I can do
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Welcome to WHIF

As far as your project goes, you have a number of possibilities to choose from for your Rafale.  If you are now in the process of building pylons for your Rafale, I might recommend a couple of fuel tanks since jet engines are very thirsty and the more fuel you have available also equals greater distances that your Rafale can travel. 

Have you decided what the mission of the Rafale will be?  Keep in mind that it can carry many types of weapons, but with more weapons you will have less range so a good mix for your weapons and fuel tanks is recommended.  For the air to air part of the mix, how about a pair of Magic for the wing tip launchers, a pair of MICA for the under fuselage stations.

In addition to the two or three fuel tanks you will mount on the Rafale, you will have another two stations to fill.  These two stations could be loaded with bombs, missiles or additional air to air missiles.  The last two stations would be the location for your bombs, rockets, anti-ship missiles, air to ground missiles, or other precision guided weapons.
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WElcome to the club PDS, ur english is spot-on!

Might I suggest a set of Conformal Tanks? Dassault has been showing various models w/ them fitted.

Maybe a F-14 style chin pod under the nose? Or a Harrier GR.7 IR housing forward of the windscreen?

dang, I think I'll find some building time!

Ves B)  
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Welcome friend.

Japanese markings sound brilliant.
Your English is great, much better than some here already! Try understanding "Geordie"!!
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Thanks you all for the welcomes and your help!!

You guys have some good ideas!!

I enjoy what if, and I think I will transform my never-finiched Gripen and Eurofighter too.
So for the moment I build a lot of weapons pylons.

I already build a Brimstone triple-launcher and a pod (don't really know what it is, I just transform a 1/48 Magic II pylons into a 1/72 pod: it looks great, maybe like a MAD).

One of the solution I think is a Rafale S (or another letter...) whith japanese air-to-see weapons.
-4 AAM-3 (japanese version of the Sidewinder)
-2 AAM-4 (AMRAAM-likes missiles, under-fuselage)
-2 ASM-2 anti-shipping (or Exocet missiles)
-3 tanks 2000 l (or maybe just 1 and 2 other anti-ship missiles)
-one pod for submarine detection.

But I don't know the scheme.

At the begining, I think it could be a french fighter who was send to Japan with an international coalition to protect those island for example against a corean threat. In this case, the new Rafale S will be able to carry internationals weapons (like japanese, israelis, US, etc...) so it could fight without waiting for the cargo who bring its the french weapons it needs
(it's a French practice to NEVER use the same standards the other countriy use. With this Rafale, I take my revenge against my country bad maners  ;)  :P )

But when I began my search about what-if Rafale, a friend tells me that it will be possible that japanese buy Rafale in the future to take the place of their old F-15J, to complete their F-2.
I have no Japanese decals, but it's a good idea becouse Japanese Agressor Scheme are really really beautiful !!!

And to finish, I found this and I fall in love with it !!!

So I admit I'm a little in doubt.
But you're right, I have the time to chose.

But I need you for other good ideas!! ;)

EDIT: I forgot!! I thought about the Conformal tanks, but I found no kit about it?? Does it exist ??

It's close to midnight here, so goodnight ;)
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Quote...the "canards" (don't know the english word for that) etc...
The English word for 'canards' is 'canards'.  ^_^  We probably pronounce it differently though.

Welcome to the board, and your English is better than my, um, anything really.  B)  
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Welcome PolluxDeltaSeven.

Modified Rafale....interesting idea to ponder.

Maybe change the inlets to 'Mirage' type with a conic centrebodies?

Taliplanes to make it a three surface design (like some of the later Sukhoi Flankers).

Give it a 'cranked arrow' wing, thats where the outer section of the wing has a different leading edge angle to the inner, ususualy a lower angle.

Split the tailfin into two like a F18?

Stretch the fusilage maybe ahead of the wing taking the canards forward perhaps?
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   35414 intermediate blue
   35109 dark blue
   35164 blue

These are the colours of the ''new blue'' aggressor aircraft and would beautifully contrast with the red Japanese insignia.   The Gekko decals Rafale has a pretty decent pattern IMHO.

Daryl J.


Welcome Mon ami!

In so far as your "problems" as you can see there are really no acceptable problems. Japanese wepon sets are no problem so long as an appropriate back story is created.

And lets not forget that "back in 2012 when the Northern most island of Japan Hokkaido seperated constitutionally due to the constant bickering in the Japanese Parliment over the stationing of nuke weapons in Japan after that short war in was was once known as North Korea. The people of Hokkaido refused and wouldn't ratify the weapons proliferation agreement impposed upon Japan. They simply refused to have the weapons. Infact their refusal became so total that it spilled into a greater international conflict. Their were accusations of too much American involvement in the development of Japan's indiginous military program. Putting nukes on Japan was seen as the final straw. So with the backing of the french government Hokkaido set about creating it's own congress and constitionually seperating from the rest of the 'Americanized" Japan. France provided this fledgling country many conventional weapons for use in their defense. The Rising SUn flag once again appeared on aircraft flying out of airbases on Hokkaido. Several industrial plants that produced guided weapons were located there and made weapons for the French built aircraft. In return for their help, France received prefered trade deals for everything from cars to noodles.

In 2025, Hokkaido came back to the fold once again and France's support was not forgotten. While the US didn't appreciate the move, they had steadfastly had supported the remaining Japanese islands and their desire to not go to war with their countryman. In 2024 the US removed all nuclear weapons from Japan, prompting the reunification. A symbol of controlled might, or as one man said, 'the hand tightly gripped the sheathed sword' showed remarkabel resolve and in 2028, France and the US signed a partnership treaty for the manned mission to Mars. President Pierre LaFontain said in a speach during the signing, 'If we can find a way to be so opposed yet not come to blows, we can acheive true greatness when unified.' "
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