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Answer Plastic Kits

Started by Old Wombat, May 22, 2019, 07:17:39 PM

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As not everyone here is on BtS, I thought I'd post this for our members here:

Polish company Answer Plastic Kits

Latest release (I think), down-sized from the initial 1/48 version;

The next release they're working on (with the possibility of a 1/48 version later);

I don't do Facebook, so I have some difficulty with checking out their stuff, but here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/Answerkits/
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Good detective work there Wombie.  :thumbsup:

Interesting choice of starter kits.
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I like the look of the Sokol.

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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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I've always liked the Sokol and I know someone who'll get quite excited about the CASA C-295.
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Question is what does a guy have to do to get one of these kits? I found their website on Scalemates but it didn't seem to do anything.
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I'm not sure that the 1:72 kits at least are anywhere near ready for release. I really just heard of them within the last week. By the time they are released, we'll probably hear all sorts of information on where and how to get them. I could be convinced for either one of the two 1:72 kits.
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They have a home page - http://www.answerkits.pl/

Unfortunately it is just a place saver.   :banghead:
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