Help with a Beaufighter NF MkII

Started by dadlamassu, April 19, 2019, 08:01:10 AM

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For quite some time I have looked for a 1/72 model of the Beaufighter NF MkII so I could make the one my father flew in during WW2.  I have tried contacting High Planes several times and have not ever had a reply.  I have bid on ebay and been defeated every time.  I have looked for conversion kits without much success. So now that I have some time I am going to attempt a conversion of the old Airfix Beaufighter TFX that is in the stash along with both Airfix magazine articles and a couple of Merlin engines salvaged from an Airfix Lancaster. 

I have started cutting the wings and engines so now I need to acquire the code letters NG*G in grey (604 squadron).  I am looking for an after market set that will give me the 2 "Ns" and 4 "Gs" that I need.  The ones I have seen usually only have 2 of each letter.  I will not need the rest so I really don't want to buy 2 complete sheets.

I was sure I asked this a long time ago and had the letters NG sent to me by a kind person and would have sworn that they were in the box with the kit and engines but no.  If I had them then they are lost or just hiding until after I finish the project. 

So does anyone have in their stash of transfers suitably sized 2 x N and 4 x G in medium Sea Grey?  Or can someone guide me to suitable transfer sheets?

Any advice would be appreciated. 


The High Planes kit comes with two styles of Merlin nacelles (IIRC, one set has exposed exhaust and the other doesn't), possibly you could acquire a set from someone who hasn't used one or the other. Unfortunately, I can't though, I used one of the spare nacelles for another project.
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Right I can almost certainly help.

I've got the letters you need, but the sheet has them in 2 different styles. To be honest there isn't much difference and you are more then welcome to the letters you need.

The sheet has been in my stash for probably 40 years or more ! It's an old "His Air Dec" sheet.

PM me your address and I'll get them in the post to you.

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If you want to buy a sheet, Xtradecal does a sheet with Medium Sea Grey RAF code letters in various sizes. IIRC it comes with multiple letter pairs in the different sizes, but these are also printed in varying fonts, so I am not 100% certain if a single sheet would fit your needs - but a fresh/complete sheet should suffice.

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Somewhere in the stash - probably somewhere I can't get to - are several High Planes Beaufighters, and I know there's several mk IIs.  I'm not going to build them all so I'll quite happily part with one.

Edit:  Having just dug through the stash - I found them quickly with relative ease - I've discovered I have three mk IIs, plus a solitary mk V with the BP turret, plus a pair of normal radial Beaus. (This is on top of the numerous new tool Airfix Beaufighters and Hasegawa ones kicking about.  There's even a couple of Frog ones I'd want to get shot of.)

Given the numbers, I'm more than happy to let one go, especially for such a good reason. I'll even throw in the code letters in both colours.  Send me a PM and we'll go from there.
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Oh my, what a wonderful place to be.  So many offers of help.  Thank you so much.
This has been a project that has received far too little of my attention.  When dad died I inherited his medals and service history.  Unfortunately several parts are missing, destroyed in air raids or just lost.  He started as a wireless mechanic then went on to Defiant day fighters again as wireless mechanic/airgunner (2 sorties over Dunkirk - records lost) then trained as radar operator on Fairey Battles and Hampdens (unit unkown), back to Defiants for invasion scare (his one has racks for 8 x small bombs fitted) and training in ground attack, then as radar operator in Defiant night fighters and lastly to Beaufighters until shot down (by the RN!!!)  After that unfit for flying so joined the RAF Comandos and finally landed on D-Day as a Fighter Controller for the Typhoons, saw action in Normandy, the pursuit, Arnhem, Walcheren, Belsen, met the Russians on the Elbe and then came home.  He never went abroad after the war as he lost too many friends over there.

So far I have (all old Airfix) 3 x Defiants (2 built), 1 x Battle (stash), 1 x Hampden, 1 x Beaufighter, 1 x RAF rescue launch that picked him and his pilot out of the sea.  Also the Walrus (Matchbox) that found him but could not land because of the minefield that he had floated into.

My other current project is the display for SWMBO's amateur theatrical "The Blitz" and will include dad's Defiant Night Fighter (fortunately coded JT-J so easy from the old Airfix kit).  I am not able to get these to museum standard but a decent set of models that will end up in our local Memories of West Lothian centre. 

Thanks again for so much help and kindness.