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Started by jalles, February 23, 2019, 02:18:40 PM

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I've been wanting to build one of these for a while (since seeing Dizzy's Panavia Tornado F.6 in the The RAF Centenary Group Build) and then I saw this themed build, so what better time to get started!

I had an old ESCI Tornado sitting in the stash that I thought would be a good candidate for this build. It's a pretty basic kit (and I have a feeling horribly inaccurate), but after looking at what parts I still had for it I decided I needed to get another Tornado. After a bit of reading I decided on the Revell kit but now that I have it, I feel like it would be a waste to use it. My kitbashing is going to obliterate all of the surface detail and I'll probably wind up rescribing the panel lines in a more "stealthy" fashion.  Maybe I'll get another ESCI kit.  Anyway, on to the pictures.

3D printed interior pieces and the vacufom shell for the faceted front fuselage.

1:72 Panavia Tornado 2000 by Jason Alles, on Flickr

Shells glued to the 3D printed interior pieces and canopy for some rough test fitting.

1:72 Panavia Tornado 2000 by Jason Alles, on Flickr

Unfortunately, the VTOL (or whatever it's going to be called) group build will be starting soon so this will go on the backburner and not get finished in a timely manner, but a little progress is better than nothing.


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