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Matchbox 1/76 Comet

Started by The Chaos, February 12, 2019, 02:42:31 AM

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The Chaos

a Nostalgie Build, I hope you like it.


That's looking great - only the rel. thick antennae give the small scale away!  :thumbsup:


Nice build, a lot of the old matchbox armour kits still look the part. :thumbsup:
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Ed S

Nicely done. I was rather surprised myself at how well these old Matchbox kits hold up. I recently build their Humber armored car and it was a nice little kit.
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Captain Canada

Very nice ! Not real familiar with this tank, but she sure looks good !
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Quote from: Mossie on February 12, 2019, 05:04:22 AM
Nice build, a lot of the old matchbox armour kits still look the part. :thumbsup:

Yup they do. I used to like the little scenic bases they came with
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Amazing build as always :thumbsup:
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Why did I expect this to be painted red with 'G-ACSS' on the side?  ;D
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