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RCAF CUH-3A Land King (1/72)

Started by The Big Gimper, December 12, 2018, 10:23:07 AM

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The Big Gimper

Here is the RCAF CUH-3A Land King   

In 1960, the RCAF got wind of the RCN's plan to purchase some Sea King helicopters.   They figured (over beer) that the Sea King could fill an important gap in the RCAF's yet to be revealed Helicopter White paper:

Why helicopters are cool and why the RCAF needs more!

Okay, not a great title but to be honest it was rushed. But the RCAF was not sure the government would buy into it.

So in case it failed (and it did) they had a plan "B" to fill the "need" but alas they did but not have the cash.  So a bunch of light blue suits jumped in a car and drove down the road from CFB Greenwood to HMCS Shearwater to have a chat with the guys in the dark blue suits.

They met up in the Senior Officers mess and it was there the RCAF pleaded their case that they really really really wanted some Sea Kings but they were short a few millions dollars in the budget.  So could RCN spot us a few new helo's and we will pay you back. You can always trust a pilot to keep his word. Right?  ;)

After a nice lobster dinner and after a few rounds of navy rum there was a gentlemen's agreement that the RCN would purchase some extra Sea Kings for the RCAF via the upcoming order BUT the RCAF would be on the line for a yet to be determined RCN aviation purchase. No problem said the RCAF so they signed an IOU on a lobster bib.

So here we have the RCAF CUH-3A Land King. And the IOU story is to be continued ...

This is the Revell MK 41 kit back dated to the 1960s. I removed or did not install all the later bumps and other ASW thingies. 

Paints are Model Master and Humbrol. Finshed with Gloss cote.  Decals are from the Belcher Bits H-21 and other sources.  The Lightning Bolt is nice but working with the curvature, windows, sponson struts  and doors made it real challenge. So I put above all the windows etc.  I wanted to put the Royal Canadian Air Force closer to the center but again, windows, sponson struts  and doors forced to me to put in on the  tail boom.

The canopy masking was challenge but thanks to a tip from the Mundster, I used a combination of painted masking tape and some very thin blue decals.
Ignore the angle of the main rotor. I broke the shaft so it's taped on for the photos. And I did not break the pitot tubes. That's a first.

On to the beauty shots.

by Big Gimper, on Flickr

by Big Gimper, on Flickr

by Big Gimper, on Flickr

by Big Gimper, on Flickr

And a family photo:

by Big Gimper, on Flickr
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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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That's nice. :thumbsup: In that scheme she could have been used to ferry HM Queen about on a royal visit  :thumbsup:

Looking forward to finding out what the IOU led to  ;)
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I like the whole concept of a 'Land King', and LOVE the colour scheme.  :thumbsup:
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