1/72 Custom 2199 Cosmo Zero

Started by sykotik, October 31, 2018, 02:53:55 AM

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Hi everyone

As an aside from my Star Destroyer, I pulled this one out of the stash for something quick to build. This kit only took 3 days to build and paint and I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

It's the Bandai 1/72 2199 Cosmo Zero. I've opted for a scheme that, I think, makes it look racy but nasty.

All the metallics are Alclad and the rest is Tamiya paints.

Completely OOB and no lighting

The stand comes with the kit - I just added some wires for interest

I originally had turquoise for the leading edges but decided that it was to stark a contrast and looked to toy like. I ended up going for Gold Titanium which looks much better

It was a fun build and the only glue it needed was to secure the missiles to the wing

Well, that's all I have but thanks for looking. Feel free to critique



That's a gorgeous paint job - well done!  :thumbsup:
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Amazing!  :thumbsup:

I hope the box had a health warning on it concerning the risk of stabbing yourself once you'd built it.
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That's great, in 3 days no less! I really like the scheme. All the details across the body are nice and the silvery stuff goes well with it. The whole overall presentation is killer!

Pretty inspiring. I'm working on a space plane myself at the moment and if I could somehow steal this livery and plop it onto mine I would.  ;D ;D
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Nice job.

I have one of these in the stash as well as it's stable mates.  Still not sure what scheme to do mine in.
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So I got that going for me...which is nice....


thanks very much guys  :thumbsup:
I'll admit, I am pretty happy with how this came out. I pondered for what seemed like months over what scheme to paint it in.  I did think of a metal blue nose with the silver body etc but a mate already did the whole blue nosed Zero, so I wasn't going to do it as well.
There are heaps of different colour combos you can go with. And the best thing is, with the brilliant way these kits go together, you can disassemble it and repaint it again later should you get bored with the current scheme  ;D


A nice piece of work! The stand (especially with the extra wiring) looks good as a launcher unit.
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Great job! :thumbsup:

Always liked the look of those Cosmo fighters, never owned/built any but I do like the look of them. :mellow:
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I honestly can't rate these Bandai kits high enough. The way they go together really goes a long way to being able to come up with your own scheme