Area 88 1/144: Rocket Booster Takeoff (F-100D)

Started by strobez, September 11, 2018, 06:37:14 PM

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So, between working on my B-1 and MiG-27 projects (and while waiting for supplies to arrive for the DC-10, T-6 and Zero projects I've got on the go) I decided to start working off this project off the side of my workbench.  More or less just picking it up while I'm waiting for other things to dry.

I'm calling this Area 88 1/144 project "Splash One" and I'm taking two crappy kits, the Otaki F-100D Super Sabre and the Trumpeter/Airfix MiG-21 and seeing if I can turn them into something beautiful by blowing them up. ;)

Although I don't have a specific scene to refer to from the manga, I'm pretty sure at some point Mickey must've shot down a MiG-21 while flying in his F-100D,   So I will try to imagine (rather than just recreate) a scene where the F-100D slams on the airbrake, pulls in behind the MiG and blows it up.  Since the Otaki kit has 6 whole parts to it, it might take a bit of scratchbuilding.  As for the MiG, I plan to try and use some LEDs, wire, cotton and paint to make it explode mid-flight.

It's my first time to try something like this, so we're calling this an experimental project...

That's an old box...

...and there's really not a lot IN the box...

...and if you build it wheels-up... you only need 6 parts (well, and a canopy I guess).

A quick dry fit shows that the intake scoop will need a lot of tough love.  Man that's thick.

I also need to start boxing it in and scratching up a bit of a cockpit.

Cut out a spot for the airbrake... as well as started crafting the brake itself.

Everything boxed in, including an LED for the afterburner.  I originally put a red one in here, but later pulled it out and changed it for an orange one.

All buttoned up and the raised panel lines are starting to be sanded off and replaced with scribed ones.

The airbrake area looks ok, but will require some more attention I think. I'll also need to close off the wheel "wells"...

There was also a gap in the air intake that needed to be addressed.  I think it was for the pilot tube, but it's misplaced, so we can improve on that I think.

Terrible fit all over the place.  Not only were there large gaps when attaching the wings that required shims to close, apparently Otaki decided not to bother actually including a hole for one of the tail parts.  I know it's an old kit, but surely at least the right amount of holes isn't too much to expect, is it?  Took me forever to cut a hole and then make sure the tail was straight.

Now that all the panel lines are scribed, time to start fleshing out the cockpit a bit.




Built these a long time ago as a kid. My dad and I used to build them together.
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While we're in the revival of the walking dead projects... given that I'm on an Area 88 kick again thanks to my B-1/DC-10/T-62 projects, I'm also back in the saddle with this one... with a slight change.

One thing I wasn't really happy about with this project was that it wasn't "in tune" with my other Area 88 1/144 projects because it was basically an imagined encounter (as opposed to the "real" ones that happened on the printed page~).  Anyway, long story short, I found a new scene with Mickey's F-100D that I thought would be better.  After the runway of Area 88 is damaged and blocked with rubble, Mickey performs a near vertical takeoff in a F-100D using rocket boosters.

Of course the first thing I realized though, is that I needed to go back and open up the wheel well that I oh, so carefully closed.  Sigh... oh, well.  Since it's mid-take off, the wheels will be in a half-folded position, so the interior part will hardly be visible anyway.  One small escape from reality though is that I'll leave the airbrake open.  I haven't got the foggiest idea what a real rocket-assisted takeoff would look like, but in my "comic book physics" depiction, the open airbrake will be there to provide the necessary "hop" over the runway obstacles.  Sounds comic-book plausible to me, and it keeps my hard work on the air-brake visible... good enough~

Cockpit was so basic as to not even have a hole... so I'm going to say this is good enough.  I made a small nick in the flight helmet to scratch off a tiny fleck of black paint to create (in my mind if nowhere else) the white "Playboy Bunny" logo that Mickey has on his helmet.




For high lift at slow speed what about dropping the flaps? I think you can still do it at this stage of the game.
This looks like fun.
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Quote from: kerick on April 19, 2019, 05:57:49 PM
For high lift at slow speed what about dropping the flaps? I think you can still do it at this stage of the game.
This looks like fun.

Now that's a singularly good idea which I wish I'd thought of first.  Regardless, it was the perfect time to pipe up with that fantastic suggestion.  The flaps are now cut and repositioned.  I also checked some reference pics to do it properly so Kit doesn't pipe up (again) why I've dropped both airlerons...  <blush>



It could be that NA wanted absolutely as much lift as they could get so they let the ailerons droop as WELL as the flaps?

Remember that in WhiffWorld the backstory can always be adjusted to match the model.  ;)
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Ever heard of the Robertson STOL modification kits?  In my - admittedly very limited experience - Robertson STOL kits are applied to light aircraft (in my case, a Cessna 206).  What it basically does is allow the ailerons to droop down to act as flaps, whilst still retaining their function as ailerons.  These kits just about double the flap area without compromising control of the aircraft.

I don't know if any of these were ever applied to military aircraft, but what if it was?   Things that make you say "Hmmmm" ...
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Did the F-100 have leading edge slats or flaps like the A-4 Skyhawk? If it did you could drop those too. I
know, more cutting!
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Captain Canada

Great job on such a small kit ! I'd like to find the F-101. Cool !
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This thread is also in need of a major update...

Got the base down and added the pilot tube.

Finally able to get the top side paint on...

...and then the underside paint on as well... does that look like Israeli Eggshell blue?

Scratchbuilding for the underside... and I managed to drop some glue on the paint job... naturally.

After the entire base layer of paint was on it was time to mask out the camouflage.

A dark (RAF?) green for the first layer of camouflage.

And then a light brown for the second layer of camouflage... it?s looking better.

Final details... into the home stretch! Engine LED added.  I learned my lesson on leaving the LEDs out too long.  After a million dry fits, a bit of paint got down the interior and cause enough friction that I used too much pressure to pop it into place.  I ended up popping it right into the middle of the fuselage... so it could rattle around on the inside.

After I was able to fish it out with some tweezers and (improperly) fix it in place on the inside, I glued on the rest of the outer hatches and whieels and what not.

Despite the trouble with the LED, afterburners are go!

Now... for the rocket boosters.

But first... a panel wash.





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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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The camo on this & the Kfirs is brilliant! :thumbsup:
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Thanks guys! I really took my time working on the camouflage scheme for both this one and the Kfirs, so I'm glad you can appreciate it~

Last couple of quick updates...

Despite the name of this build (which I might change to "Need a Boost?" or something catchier...) I almost forgot to include the actual rockets! I used the same pylons that came with the kit, but cut then ends off the tanks and then scratched up some rockets.  And, where there's smoke... there's fire~!

A bit of paint over the cotton smoke, the rockets themselves, and a wee touch up on the nose that I'd forgotten... and we're done~!

As always... I like a few glamour pics! Have to pay off those giant Tamiya bottles I have in the shed out back... :)




" Somewhere, between half true, and completely crazy, is a rainbow of nice colours "
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