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Fokker F-270 Skyguard revisited: Now in paper.

Started by Paper Kosmonaut, July 01, 2018, 12:51:04 PM

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Paper Kosmonaut

Half a year ago I showed you all this old 1/96 Revell Fokker F-27 I changed into an odd looking rotodome carrying Early Warning aircraft.
I still wanted to try that one in paper too, just because. So I did. The only thing I kind of changed was the four-bladed propellers, which I turned into six-bladed ones. I will spare you the details here, you could always check out my blog where I made a more elaborate report of the build. I'll post some in-progress pics here and of course the final result.

I used a couple of freely available paper models for this one, mainly the F-27 designed by my fellow countryman Gerard Methorst, I used Kancho Iliyev's Antonov 71 Madcap tail again and I stole the twin tails from a model of the Antonov 225 Mriya.
The tail section of the fuselage was taken from a C-141 Starlifter by Bruno Vanheecke. I resized, recoloured and warped the parts to my liking and so they would fit the original fuselage. Lots of thing needed adjustments and there was a lot of trial and error.

the nose section was weighted, and all but the brass pivot of the rotodome and a single steel made out of strut at each wheel is just paper.
It's far from perfect but I still like the end result, esecially together with its plastic sibling.

If you like to see more photos and /or details, just say it, I'll try and get some more up.
dei t dut mout t waiten!


Dave "Sandiego89"
Chesapeake, Virginia, USA


[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


That's sexy  :wub: - and I am always impressed by paper models, I could never get such things together...


Decals my @r$e!

comrade harps



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