The Marmite & Branston sale

Started by dwomby, May 11, 2018, 12:06:08 PM

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This is aimed mostly at our UK members but open to all.

I am running out of Marmite and Branston.   Yes, I can buy them in my local supermarket - see, the USA is not as uncivilized as some of you thought - but at a pretty steep price.   Since I am going to the UK on May 21, I will be stocking up there and so I need to take a suitcase.  I won't be able to fill it with Marmite and Branston because of their weight but I should manage to bring home a few months supply.   So, I will have space in the suitcase on my way to the UK.  Most of what I want to sell from my stash is UK stuff and postage to UK is exorbitant nowadays.  So, if anybody in the UK or Europe wants anything off my sales list below, I'd be happy to bring it over and post it from Scotland during the last week of May provided it fits in the case.  So there may have to be a cutoff point for this as I do need to bring clothes, etc. too.

I will pack and weigh kits and give you a total including the exact postage cost before you buy but to help you estimate the likely costs, here are typical costs.:

Any kit without an *.  Posted within 48 contiguous US states $7.  Posted within UK $4. Posted from US or UK to another continent $17.
Any kit with an *.  Posted within 48 contiguous US states $15.  Within UK $8.  Posted from US or UK to another continent $30.
Any decal or detail (etch etc).  Posted within 48 contiguous US states or within UK $3.  Posted from US or UK to another continent $5.

Paypal, please.

All are in 1/72 unless stated.   I have put a few pics here: ]https://flic.kr/s/aHsmjiYJod

Thanks and remember it's in a good cause (my gourmet tastebuds).


Airfix VC-10 K2    $20.00
Gerald Elliot Brigand (vac)    $10.00
Airfix Angel Interceptor    $12.00
Fujimi Bae Hawk     $8.00
Hasegawa BAC Lightning F6 (no box)    $5.00
Aeroclub Meteor T7    $20.00
Aeroclub Meteor F8    $20.00
Frogspawn Swordfish (Frog mould includes floats and etch)    $8.00
Airfix SEPECAT Jaguar prototype    $8.00
Airfix Jaguar GR1    $8.00
Airfix Hawk T2    $8.00
Italeri Wessex HU5    $12.00
Airfix Tornado GR4    $10.00
Airfix Tornado GR1    $8.00
Frog DH Hornet    $10.00
Italeri Merlin HMA1* $20.00
MPC F-104G    $3.00
MPC BAC Strikemaster    $8.00
Hasegawa Mirage F1    $10.00
Eastern Express Hunter F1    $5.00
Dragon Tornado F3 (1/144)    $5.00
Matchbox Spitfire F24 (1/32) *    $20.00
AMT Shackleton MR3 (Frog) *    $15.00
Glencoe Viscount (1/96)    $10.00
Monogram Tornado GR1    $8.00
Airfix Gnat (old mould)    $3.00
Magna Swift F7 (resin)    $10.00
Matchbox BAC Lightning F2A/F6    $8.00
Premiere Shorts Tucano    $8.00
Hawk Swift    $10.00
Esci Sea Harrier FRS1    $15.00
Imai Spectrum Cloudbase *    $60.00
Rareplane Swift FR5 (vac)    $6.00
Xtrakit Swift FR5    $10.00
Matchbox Meteor NF    $12.00
Airfix NA39    $10.00
Airfix Buccaneer S2    $15.00
Airfix Javelin T3    $25.00
Italeri Bae Hawk T1    $8.00
Airfix Chipmunk    $8.00
Pegasus Spiteful    $10.00
Pegasus Swift FR5    $8.00
Frog Britannia (1/96 – no box, dcals or instr)    $10.00
Airmodel BAC Lightning trainer conversion (vac)    $3.00
Matchbox Victor    * $20.00
Airfix DH Comet 4B (1/144)    $15.00
Arrow B-70-72 Canadian Armed Forces Aggressor numbers (red and yellow) $3    $3.00
Arrow C-55-72 Canadian Armed Forces CF-18 439 Squadron $5    $5.00
Arrow A-9-144 1/144 Spitfire IX KH-Z 403 Sqdn RCAF $3      $3.00
Microscale/Superscale 72-434 - BAE HAWKS - UAE, ZIMBABWE, INDONESIA, ETPS, BAE DEMONSTRATOR      $8.00
Hi-Decal 72-017 – MIG 23/27 – USSR, INDIA, IRAQ, EAST GERMANY, CZECHOSLOVAKIA     $5.00
Model Alliance UK-7204 Royal Navy Dauphin FOST    $5.00
Model Alliance MA72137 UK air Arm 2005-6 Eurofighter, Tornado F3 and GR4, Jaguar GR3a Harrier GR7 and GR9, Griffin, Sea Harrier FA2    $8.00
ModelArt 72-035 – French Skyraiders, Royal Navy Hawk and Sea King HAS6 (Tiger)       $8.00
Modeldecal 14 – RAF SABRE 234 SQDN , VAMPIRE FB5 112 SQDN AND CHIPMUNK 2FTS     $6.00
Modeldecal  24 – RAF PHANTOM 41 SQDN (CAMO), HUNTER 79 SQDN, RN WYVERN 831 SQDN, SEA VENOM 890 SQDN.      $8.00
XtraDecal X050-72 - RAF 2000 UPDATE - Jaguar GR1 , Tornado GR1/1A and F3, HAWK T1, BULLDOG T1     $8.00
XtraDecal  X051-72 - RAF 1998-2000 UPDATE Pt2  - Tornado GR1, GR4 and F3, Harrier GR7    $8.00
Esci 28 - BOOMERANG A46-2, A46-195, A46-212 AND A46-126, TEMPEST V AND VI EJ743, NX154, JN751, EJ865 AND NV784 ALL CAMO -     $4.00
ATP 1/144 PanAm Boeing 727-200     $5.00
Classic 1/144 Delta Boeing 757-200     $6.00
Signigraph Edgeless 1/48 RAFsky codes  (rubdown)    $5.00
AEROMASTER 320002 1/32  Hunter FR10/FGA9 1417Flight      $6.00
Detail parts and etch etc.   
Aeroclub EJ013 2 x Soviet VS-IBRI  for L-39, Mig-29, SU-25    $3.00
Aeroclub EJ017 2 x Martin Baker SJU9/10 for F-18     $3.00
Aeroclub V1114 2x Canberra nosewheels (great for tailsitting Canberras!)    $3.00

True Details 72410 GRU-7 for F-14 (single seat in pack)    $3.00
Airwaves 7276 Spitfire flaps and panels     $5.00
Airwaves 7287 Hunter flaps and airbrake     $5.00
Airwaves 7239 Jaguar GR1A  airbrakes    $5.00
EZ-Masks – 1/72 Italeri / Testors C-130     $2.00


Airwaves 7207 Martin Baker seat harnesses $5.00
Reheat RH02 Seat buckles and Harness $5.00
Aeroclub Meteor T7 conversion for Mbox kit $3.00
Aeroclub Meteor FR9 conversion for Mbox kit $3.00
Aeroclub V239 Hunter F1/4/5 conversion for Revell $7.00

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Did you manage to offload that Contrail Avro Tudor?  I'm still on the lookout for one.
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Airfix Tornado GR.4 and Esci 28 decal set, are they still available?  Shipping would be within CONUS.
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"International Man of Marmite and cunning Branston Pickle smuggler" - sounds like an episode of The Goon Show... ;D ;D ;D :thumbsup:
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Quote from: elmayerle on May 14, 2018, 04:46:32 PM
Airfix Tornado GR.4 and Esci 28 decal set, are they still available?  Shipping would be within CONUS.

Only the Tornado is available.  Message inbound.