"Sinai Grey"

Started by JayBee, January 17, 2018, 09:01:50 AM

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I need some help (OK I know that many of you have said that before, but....)
What is the best colour to use for the sandy-grey that the Israelis use for their AFVs.
Is it available from one of the paint manufacturer.
I am happy with either Acrylic or enamel.

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i use humbrol 72 enamel

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Colourcoats do a paint called Israeli Sand Grey, coded AR101 in their catalogue.

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


This is a German RAL tone (7008, "Khakigrau" - and according to the number it is considered to be a grey), and today's overall tank livery is the same tone that was used on early brown/blue IDF aircraft.
Humbrol 72 is a good choice - maybe a bit light, but IMHO excellent for tanks and vehicles. Humbrol 26 (Khaki) works well, too, it is darker and more reddish, but suits aircraft well. Even better is Humbrol's 142 Field Drab (FS 30118), but it's out of production. Testors offers it under #1702, though, and they also had the correct IDF tone in their Authentic Line under #2138. Vallejo seems to offer the tone, too, under #71141 "IDF Sand Grey".


The app I use to track my paint stash (Hobby Color Converter) lists a Vallejo IDF Sinai Grey 82 Matt (71 142).  In the Model Air acrylic range.
71 141 is listed as IDF Sand Grey 1973 Matt.
It also lists Ammo Mig Real IDF Sinai Grey 82 (0131) and Faded Sinai Grey (0066).  Both in the Real Colours acrylic range.
And, from AK interactive it lists IDF Sinai Grey Modern Satin (790) and IDF Sinai Grey 82 Satin (791).  Both in the AFV series.

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Quote from: JayBee on January 17, 2018, 09:01:50 AM
<...> What is the best colour to use for the sandy-grey that the Israelis use for their AFVs. <...>

I think it depends on what time-frame you're looking at. AFAIK, there have been at least three different hues of IDF grey.

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