And.....another Honduras A.F Mirage III. Mostly

Started by chrisonord, November 16, 2017, 02:55:23 PM

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Here's another Mirage III belonging to the Honduras air force, this along with many others belonging to Honduras has been upgraded and modified to keep it a usable and capable asset within the air force. The kit is the PM models 1/72nd scale Dagger/Mirage III/EA. A very basic and to be honest pretty crap kit that need cuting up and making something better of.
IMG_2370 by Chris Hall, on Flickr
IMG_2369 by Chris Hall, on Flickr
IMG_2368 by Chris Hall, on Flickr
IMG_2367 by Chris Hall, on Flickr
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My, what a long nose.  My understanding of PM kits is that they are usually underscale - about 1/80-1/87 scale, rather than 1/72.
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Quote from: rickshaw on November 16, 2017, 04:54:30 PM

My, what a long nose. 

My thoughts exactly! No doubt there was a good reason for it, was the engine excessively heavy perhaps?
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I like it it!!! I like long wings....... and long NOSE on aircraft.  :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow: :mellow:
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The nose is a copy of the one fitted to the Atlas Cheetah, D model, it certainly looks a lot longer. The kit had bad fit issues, and needed large gaps filling with card much like the Airfix one did. It is lacking a lot of detail, and the other one I  have will have will have some thought put in to it and where possible some detailing in the cockpit and engine intakes. I am currently giving a Kfir the long nose treatment too  :wacko:
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ATTA BOY!!!!!!    :::overbearing obnoxious slap to the shoulder::::::  ;D ;D ;D

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comrade harps

Which just goes to prove again that any Mirage looks Beyer with canards and anot elongated snout  :thumbsup: