Britannia's Roman roads

Started by scooter, November 02, 2017, 04:46:05 AM

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That's a neat find Scoot  :thumbsup: Interesting to see it illustrated that way, also shows how a lot of our more modern transport net uses it as a starting point.

Printed it off for a friends grandson who's just started doing Rome at school  :thumbsup:
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This is an extremely useful map.   Thank you!!
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Nice map. I like to look at this map of Roman Britain for the fuller picture http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/archives/view/romangl/map.html


It looks like the Romans didn't have a place anywhere near Oxford, how strange.  :o

And they built the Lydney Bypass about 1500 years before Gloucester County Council did!  ;D
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This is even better as it show the entire Roman Empire http://dare.ht.lu.se/

After the Scottish show in Perth this year I went for a local drive and was mildly surprised to find signs to a Roman ruin. A short walk from the car and I was at the site of a Roman watch tower on a ridge overlooking the A9. It was Muir o' Fauld Signal Station and it linked all the fort and towers from Stirling up to Scone, north of Perth.

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or if you fancy something more portable, there is an ordinance survey map that can be purchased  :thumbsup:
same pink cover as a normal landranger but the picy is roman ruins
hmm seems like they've updated it since I got mine.
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