Saab BV 194

Started by Caveman, October 22, 2017, 02:29:29 AM

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Hopefully the title and this picture should get you the gist of what I'm doing here. This model is another for me to try to stretch my finishing techniques and up the quality of my models. But in my head the backstory is something like this:

Post ww2 some of the BV engineers and designers escape by flying boat to Sweden and end up employed by Saab. Some are on the Saab 21 project looking at modifying it to a jet. Being ex-BV employees they dislike the layout of the 21 and the limitations imposed by a hungry jet. Their metaphorical "hold my beer" response was the Saab BV 194. They didn't like having to compromise between the endurance of a piston engine and power of a jet, so they installed both. The BV in the title of the aircraft was a safety measure on Saab's front so that they could distance themselves from the aircraft if it were to be a flop. And the rest, as they say, is history...
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Yes, that's the good stuff! go on! we all like to see it's finished!



[the word "realistic" hurts my heart...]


Cool idea. And somehow the combo appears quite plausible, I like that.

Makes me think about an asymmterical Bv 194 on floats for the upcoming GB...?


Quote from: Dizzyfugu on October 22, 2017, 09:31:48 AM
Cool idea. And somehow the combo appears quite plausible, I like that.

Makes me think about an asymmterical Bv 194 on floats for the upcoming GB...?

Would have driven definitively crazy the engineers charged with calculating the various stresses, reaction forces, aerodynamics etc  :banghead: :wacko:
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So first question about my first attempt at playing with him too decal fix...

This is the result after 4 hours of being applied. Very happy with the contour hugging effect but. My overruns with the decalfix still look wet/dark. They are definitely dry. I've tried cleaning with a bit of water and cloth and even a bit of white spirit. But have not really seen any improvement. Does anyone know what I've done wrong here? Paint underneath is humbrol enamel.
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First of all I like very much your project  :thumbsup:
Second,it seems to me that you have applied the decals directly on the painted surface which is matte.
To avoid the silvering effect all the decals must be applied on a glossy surface,in conclusion,glossy varnish all over the model before applying decals.
The glossy varnish will later help you to highlight the panel lines as well,and for other weathering effects if you like that kind of things on your model


Thanks for the quick response. I don't think what I am worried about is silvering, though I understand that applying decals to a matt finish does create silvering. I am concerned about the large areas of dark around each of my decals where there had been some decalfix residue/
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In this case you could still try to repaint with care the area around that roundel,if you don't have spare decals and markings.
This unpleasant situation didn't occur if the surface was varnished.


Or you could try something else,but first you have to test on another piece of plastic.
Paint it with the same color,wait to dry,and then try to reproduce the effect that you obtained earlier and finally,apply the glossy varnish and see if the effect disappears.
I have never tried this but it can be the fastest solution to your problem,that is why the solution must be tested before on something else.
In the worst case, you clean the affected area,sacrifice the decals and repaint.


I was worried someone wiuld day that. Right. Chalk it up to experience and press on.
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Very cool!!

All the best sorting the overflow problem.
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If you had gloss coated first the marks wouldn't show, they're an artifact of the decal-fix filling in the rough matte surface & glossing it a bit.

You are running the risk of silvering over time by applying decals to a matte surface but the colour differences may be eliminated/reduced if you give the model a gloss coat followed by a matte coat. If there is anything left, give the kit a bit of a pin-wash in a few colours to create some variation in the surface colour, thereby hiding the evidence.
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Righty. Think I've managed to recover to my satisfaction at least. Hopefully some tactically located wear and grime will cover any remaining cockups.
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Yes, that's a big improvement, well done.  :thumbsup:
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