How many "in progress" kits are sitting on your workbench?

Started by strobez, July 05, 2017, 11:45:14 PM

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I'm keen to get started on my kit bash idea for the Sci-Fi GB, but I made myself promise to clear out a few backlogged projects before I allow myself to start cutting any plastic.  I find a lot of my projects get side-tracked at the painting stage, but I'm curious who else has a bunch of semi-(in)active kits on the go.  I've heard the expression "shelf of doom" before, so I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who meanders his/her way through projects as the inspiration hits.

In terms of my list, from most active projects to least...

- 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat (Academy) At the moment I'm mostly working on a pair of F4F-4 Wildcats.  They got pushed aside for the G.91 I built as my entry into the 1-week GB, but they're my most active project and nearing completion.

- 1/144 a small fleet of planes... "Oh, they're so small and cute... this'll be easy!" Famous last words... the biggest problem is I kept adding extras to the mix.  At first it was just supposed to be a F-5E Tiger II and and an F-14A Tomcat... but I found a MiG-21... and then a MiG-23... and... and... So now I'm working on these off the side of the bench when I need a mental break.

- 1/72 Yak-38 (Tskuda)... I lost the plot on this one after an epic masking/paint job went sideways.  Missed spots, overlaps... I dunno what I was thinking.  Regardless I needed a little time to work on other projects so the "do-over" didn't feel so onerous.  Got a new coat of paint started yesterday, so we're back in action.

- 1/72 F-8E (Academy)... This one got stalled because I couldn't quite decide what colour scheme I wanted to paint it for my Area 88 "Boris" project.
Something about the complex canopy on this kit intimidates me. It's such a well-put-together kit that I feel like I'm going to  screw it up somehow.  Now that my "sister project" F4F-4 Wildcat has caught up, I think it will get moving again though.

- 1/72 Chipmunk (Airfix)... another tiny kit at got sidetracked because I declared a do-over on the rivet removal for my Tintin Chipmunk project.  That one got completed, but initial attempt is still cluttering my workbench because I can't bear to throw anything in the bin (which in my case is still a drawer of failed projects that have been re-purposed as "test subjects").  I just got a neat idea to try out a chrome/red paint scheme, so I think this one's about to come back to life.

- 1/72 F7F Tigercat (Monogram)... this one got stalled because I wasn't happy with my work scratch building the complex under-wing-engine-wheel well areas.  I just got a more recent Revell boxing of the same kit, so that may spur me on a little as I'll be less worried about "screwing up" such an old kit.

- 1/72 Sopwith Camel (Academy)... this tiny kit ground to a halt at the primer stage because I was trying to figure out how/when to start the rigging... I'm still thinking about it.

- 1/72 F-8E (Academy)... This is one of my main Area 88 "Shin" projects... but I didn't want to screw it up, so I decided to give a practice go with the "Boris" version first... see above  :banghead:

- 1/72 VF-1A Battroid (Bandai)... My first foray into "mecha" was a Macross kit I came across cheap at the Hobby Fair Korea 2017.  I got excited, and started glueing bits together, but I'm pretty sure the 1/72 scale is a rough guess at best.  The simplicity of the kit design also makes it quite toy-like, which killed a lot of my enthusiasm and the kit itself has largely been replaced by a Hasegawa boxing of the VF-1S Super Valkyrie in my heart.



He he, when you switch from a vintage Bandai VF-1 kit to the Hasegawa alternative, you will get a shock just the opposite way, because no single part is bigger than a thumbnail. Totally uber-constructed, Germans have probably secretly built the moulds.

Besides... at the moment, I am in the rare condition that I have two kits on the table. One is the TIE Escort Fighter project for the GB (but just a heap of parts, no actual work yet) and a real world Nakajima A6M2-N for a contest. Normally, there's just one "hot" project at the time, which I pull through completely before starting anything else.


My unfinished projects overflowed my workbench DECADES ago and now occupy holding positions all over the house!

When we had a similar survey on here some years ago I'm afraid I thrashed everyone as my count was sixty two:o

That's gone down a bit in recent years as I've tended to finish off old ones rather than start new ones, but a few 'newbies' have crept in so I reckon my count must still be in the low fifties.

At my age they'll never all get done of course....
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The Wooksta!

I think mine outnumber Kit's unfinished list by a good hundred - there's at least 30 Spitfires that are at the primer stage that got "postponed" and I've yet to go back to them.  I have a load of Luftwaffe stuff in the loft at me Mam's that got abandoned in '99 when I made the switch to RAF and I know I'll never go back to them as I refuse to build anything with a swastika on it.
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In the open boxes that surround my bench and into which I dip daily I have three aircraft, one boat, one van, four cars and a truck.  In the stash?  I don't want to think about it.  But not as many as Lee.


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Old Wombat

One! ;D

The rest are stashed away, elsewhere. ;)

Actually, if you consider that ALL of my builds are supposed to be on bases or in dioramas, I have exactly two completed builds. :banghead:
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Somehow... I KNEW this thread was going to make me feel better... ;)

(Leans over and starts dragging out the kits-n-bits for the Sci-Fi GB)  :wacko:



I'm fairly disciplined it appears  ;)

3 currently in progress on the bench (which is the number I like to have on the go for various reasons) and 6 on the "shelf of doom". I'm trying to clear the shelf and one of them is marked down to be one of my next trio which will be the "twins trio"  :thumbsup:
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I am pretty proud to remain the king of unstarted projects...  ;D


Quote from: Dizzyfugu on July 06, 2017, 08:20:26 AM
I am pretty proud to remain the king of unstarted projects...  ;D

Ah, now I have a notebook full of ideas, which gains new entries every week  ;D
Decals my @r$e!


Me too - here it's actually a physically(!) growing list/poster. But it helps keeping track of ideas and planned donor part swaps, and it's always a good feeling to scrathc one out. While three new were added. Since yesterday.  :-\


Quote from: Dizzyfugu on July 06, 2017, 08:20:26 AM
I am pretty proud to remain the king of unstarted projects...  ;D

I must be the opposite  :-\  additional ideas don't help such as the Sabre engine kick I am on at the moment where I am attempting to re-engine everything with Sabres.

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How many on my workbench?
Actually on the workbench, physically, only two, the Firedrake and one of the Martin-Baker MB-5s.
How many started, and put aside for the moment? Far too many to count.

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Actually started  i.e. glued or attacked with a hairy stick: 2

A 1:1200 scale Revell Titanic that's going to be a dazzle painted troopship  His Majesty's Armed Transport  OCEANIC
B 1:72 scale Airfix Strikemaster that's destined to be a BAe Tern; a  carrier capable light attack aircraft

Boxes opened and definite plans made: 6

C Lindberg  Douglas Stiletto to become part of the UK Space Defence Force as an exo atmospheric interceptor
D Lindberg 1:48 Gladiator as a Royal Marine ground attack aircraft; Norway 1940.......If 3 Royal Marine pilots fought in the Battle of Britain, why not the Fleet Air Arm giving them planes to use?
E 1:72 Airfix Buccaneer S4a flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth after her 2025 refit.
F Dapol 00 gauge Evening Star loco in the full majesty of LMS express livery
G An Airfix  large kit of HMS Victory, straight out of the box, but rigged....I may be gone for some time....
H 1:72 Airfix Bofors and Morris.  Gun as per box, but the tow truck to be "annexed" by the LRDG and used appropriately.

Rest of stash, many with vague thoughts: lots

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