Dornier Do335 Anteater - Luft 46

Started by Devilfish, March 27, 2017, 01:07:08 AM

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Having dealt crippling blows during the battle of Britain,  and making significant inroads into Russia, German morale was on a high.
By 1946 they controlled much of the middle eastern oil fields. That didn't mean that Hitler was having it all his own way.
British Meteors and American P-80s were engaging Luftwaffe Me262s as well as other newer types.
Allied forces were still trying to retake the oil fields. However, the jet engine was of no use in the desert, so prop aircraft still ruled the skies.
The Dornier Do335 was used to good effect as a multi-purpose aircraft.  Due to it's superior speed, it made an ideal communications aircraft,  VIP ferry, spotter and fast strike plane.
Rommel himself flew in the rear seat many times back to Berlin to report to Hitler.
The pilots of these Anteaters and Arrows felt untouchable, at least in theatre.

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