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Started by icdi1257, February 26, 2017, 01:41:25 AM

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Nice and subtle. Would need a lot of body work on a standard F-14 to get create that look. but it suits the Seventies bird well.  :thumbsup:


There seem to be two different versions depicted there, one with a weapons bay aft of the forward fuselage missile pylons and some longer 'pylons' under the engines, and one without the weapons bay and more pylons mounted where the bay was on the first version.

What's the story on these please?
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Salute the work, but F-14 can do good enough without the magic of Stealth. Namely all the contours which would drive the cost to 200+ with no "useful" improvement. Not good, even for those who laughed at the calculations of 3 Es for 2 F-35s.


I dig this - it's exactly the kind of upgrade thing I like, taking a 70's or so aircraft and giving a crazy modernised makeover. Only thing I would do personally is cant the rudders inwards, and mess around with some things like that, but again, that's my personal taste.
I would love to do something like this in styrene, but the bodywork would be beyond my skills.
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That's some neat stuff ! I love the shot of it coming straight up at you....makes you feel like you're up in the sky !

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