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Martin Baker MB2

Started by The Wooksta!, February 13, 2017, 07:41:43 AM

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The Wooksta!

I had intended to post this last week but wanted to hang on till 'uddersfield so as not to spoil any possible surprise!

It's the Merlin kit!  Yep, I know, Merlin kits were abysmal but this was one of his least worst efforts - I hesitate to use the words "good" or "better" when applied to Merlin!  The fuselage is too slim and the canopy is both thick and optically unclear.  Other than assemble it, I did some detailing in the cockpit with plestic strip, etc, to make it look a bit better although probably inaccurate anyway.  The prop is a De Havilland three blader from the older tool Airfix mk Ia Spitfire, although I'm not sure if the Dagger rotated clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Anyhoo - MFM!

It's one of my older efforts - circa 2006 - but has been stalled due to canopy issues.  It got dug out for this semi-official Martin Baker Group Build.

I did pick up another one at Telford last year - there's one on ebay right now - and if/when I get round to it, I'll widen the fuselage by about 2mm to make it look more prototypical.  Incidentally, I have a pair of Magna ones and they are far, far superior!

Photo: Rob Sullivan
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The Plan:


Decals my @r$e!


Me too ;D. Vaguely reminds me of the machine from "Dive Bomber". Very nice :thumbsup:.


Gorgeous MB2, Lee, the camo scheme does it for me.  Well done.

Yours Bristol 135 146 is excellent too, But the MB2 has the edge.  I think it's because it's not in NIVO and consequently somehow looks 40s not 30s despite the trousered undercarriage.
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Captain Canada

Nice one ! Love the canopy on her.

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Glenn Gilbertson

Good one - it looks very purposeful. :thumbsup:

comrade harps

Art deco fighter with bubble canopy -  :thumbsup:


Very tasty take on what a prod version could have looked like.