Project Witches' World - SMS Wiesbaden (ex IFN Jintsu)

Started by Velvet_Scarlantina, January 26, 2017, 06:00:16 AM

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Once again, from the Project Witches' World, come another creation. I present to you, the 4th installment under this theme... SMS Wiesbaden or formerly IFN Jintsu.

I'm still working on the narrative for Wiesbaden. I actually got the idea from a FB post where someone built up a pre-war Japanese CL into something new.

The original concept was to just build up the superstructure while keeping as much of Jintsu as possible. But alas, that was not possible. So the entirety of the superstructure was reworked. The funnels were combined together and the bridge was rebuilt to accommodate the newly installed weapon and detection systems. The time frame for this is post 1944, putting her post SMS Falkenhayn (1944).

For Wiesbaden, I've taken inspiration mostly from the real life Konigsberg CLs and worked it around.

For this, almost most of the parts are leftovers from past builds

One of the radar comes from Fujimi's Jintsu while the other one was taken from a condemned Tamiya Z class DD kit

Now I can't stop scratch building Karlslandian/German catapults!


Just drew up the weapon specs of Wiesbaden class -

Class: Wiesbaden class light cruiser (formerly Sendai class)
Affiliation: Karlsland (formerly Imperial Fuso Navy)

Air group complement: x1 Arado Ar 196, x2 Flak Wulf FW 190T striker units (2 reserve units)
Aviation facilities: 1 catapult

Armament (Karlsland service):
3 x 2 150mm L61 SK C/43
4 x 2 105mm SK C/33
3 x 4 20mm Flakvierling 38
4 x 2 37mm Flakzwiling 42
4 x 2 40mm Flakvierling 28
2 x 15 21cm WGr 21 116M


Work and fitting out continues on

If you're wondering, yes that's a "rolling airframe" launcher developed by Karlsland


I pretty much went with the Koenigsberg style superstructure though I eventually had some reservations to its style in the late 40s-early 50s settings.

I made the switch after I started playing RN CL on World of Warships. At first I went with HMS Fiji / Leander styled superstructure. Thought it ended up with having USS Baltimore thrown in to the mix. I decided to go with Baltimore for the fore mast and the accessories at the top of the bridge.

I must say, it looks better and more modern this way.

Added some directors to the "rolling air frame" and also must not forget the iconic bridge wings.


Nice, I like the way you can start to "see" your thinking  :thumbsup:
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