Humbrol acrylic tips for use

Started by Allan, January 20, 2017, 05:55:03 PM

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I bought these two colors in the UK when I was there a few years ago and they are RLM 74 and 75
any tips on thinning/using/spraying them?


I brush paint with Humbrol Acrylics Alan and just thin them with a little tap water and find that fine. 1 brush load of tap water to 3/4 of paint. Very simple I know but it works for me. They do need a really good stir/shake to mix the pigment before use but providing you do that I find them very good.

Note however that if you find any of the older acrylics in the flip top tubs then leave them well alone. No where near as good and dry out very quickly in my experience. I think that is why Humbrol brought the production home to the UK.

Can't help with spraying I'm afraid.
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Haven't tried spraying with them.  They're matt rather than gloss, so would need a gloss coat for decals and I use Xtracrylix which are gloss. 

I tend to use them for the smaller parts I'd brush with anyway, such as u/c, props, wheels and exhausts.

If I was to thin them, I'd go for car screenwash.  Used that for acrylics for the past 15 years and only once did I have any issues, with Tamiya paint which I thoroughly disliked, so much so I got rid of the few jars I had.
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thanks much for the advice...I tried out the lighter of the two, RLM 75, and have reported my findings in the thread about my FW 190


Anyone any tips for getting the tops of the tubs in Alan's photo screwed back on properly, rather than higgledy-piggledy ? After a little bit of use the thread gets "filled" by old paint and no amount of cleaning it seems to solve the problem, and yes I do wipe it after use, but the shaking to stir the paint seems to cause the problems.

I end up with a lop sided lid which then wont go in my paint drawers properly  :banghead:

This is the third type of container Humbrol have used since their re-birth and they've all had problems  :-\

I quite like the paint for small details, but spent 30 mins yesterday getting frustrated with a tub of No 11 silver  :banghead:
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Ended up with a yellow hand thanks to Humbrol's manky tub/pot  :banghead: Wasn't to bad but assuming Telford is on this year I'm going to have a word with someone on that stand of theirs about sorting the containers for their acrylics out  :banghead:
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