AC-400 `Death Star Contractors`

Started by tc2324, December 01, 2016, 06:09:53 AM

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Completed this build at the beginning of the year, but kept it quiet as there was a possibility that it may be published as part of a `What If` article. It looks like that has fallen through, so may I present you with the AC-400.....,

Weapons fit includes two Gatling guns, one 105mm Howitzer, one 40mm Bofors, one 122mm Cannon and six wing mounted Brimstone air to ground missiles.

The nose decal is custom made and shows a Death Star holding a Gatling gun with `Death Star Contractors` wording.

Hope you like.
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Amazing model,thanks for sharing.

   best regards


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 :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Any chance of a close-up of the nose art? :unsure:
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Love it ! Now that would be something to see ( and hear ) Great job !

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Very nice job. She's packin' a lot of heat!
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Interesting.  Why a 122mm and a 105mm?    :thumbsup:
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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Damn, I thought I'd already posted in here. BRAVO! I love it! Plausible (to me) and some very cool noseart.
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Thank you very much chaps.  :thumbsup:

I will arrange a nose art shot this weekend. 

I`ve been a very slack whiffer this year as my modelling preferences have changed some what to in flight dioramas which I`ll post on here at some point soon.

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