Yak-36 Entrails

Started by Librarian, November 21, 2016, 12:37:22 PM

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Been trying to find a cutaway or diagram showing how the exhaust system for the Yak-36 worked to allow VTOL operations....any pointers greatly appreciated.


Pretty simple, two lift engines in a bay behind the cockpit, and two vectoring nozzles at the rear.


The rear end's like half a Harrier.  ;D
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Thank you BUT Yak-36, not 38. Called "Freehand". Interesting looking testbed for Soviet VTOL research.


Doh, read it as 38.  :banghead:

Looked in my various books, no drawings, but the Putnam on Yakovlev had a description:
air collected from manifolds around engine compressor stages, piped to single nozzles in wingtips,
and twin nozzles each in the tail and tip of the nose boom (which was required to produce the
proper moment arm because the aircraft wasn't very long), there was crossover between the left
and right engine air systems to allow a controlled vertical descent in case of an engine out.

Welp, in theory anyhow.  :o  :banghead:

The book does have a drawing of the control piping for the unbuilt Yak V, a Harrier-type four-poster that
wasn't pursued because the government wouldn't fund development of a Pegasus-type engine, thus Yak
went back to the drawing board and designed the 36. The book references the drawing when talking
about the Yak 36 control system. The linkage operated simple cone shapes that were moved up and down
in the nozzle to control flow rate.


Did you watch the youtube Yak-36 video?  Brief shot of the nozzles at the very beginning, and a cartoon of the nozzles- looks very much like the Harrier rear/hot nozzles. 

Some interesting images- never knew the had a "flying bedstedski"....  In Russian. 


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The Yak-36 nozzles are more like the rotating cascade nozzles of the X-14.

On the Yak-36 they rotate around an inclined vertical axis rather than simply pivoting about
a horizontal axis like the Harrier.


I'm such a Luddite I forget sometimes about Youtube :banghead:. Thanks all...got a strange idea for a craft like this, Could be a lotof fun to build ;D.