Henschel Hs 126 G (for Gyrodyne)

Started by 63cpe, September 13, 2016, 10:26:01 AM

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In the 1930-ies Anton Flettner developed the Flettner Fl 184 Autogyro with Dr Kurt Hohenemser. Altough the prototype caught fire before it could be tested in 1936, the nazi staff was interested but asked for a bigger, up-rated version of the autogyro able to do (armed) reconnaissance missions and carry a bomb. Flettner was asked to produce an flying prototype per July 1938.

As Flettner was at that time more interested in experimental Autogyro’s and Helicopters and continued his experiments to what later became the Fl 265. During 1937 nazi staff kept on pressing Flettner to hurry up and produce an prototype that could meet the requirements. He realized he had to come up with an plan as Flettner was unable to produce such an aircraft themselves. So an partner in the German aircraft industry was found in the Henschel Werke in Kassel. Later in 1937 Dr. Hohenemser was deployed to the Henschel company to cooperate on the development of an autogyro version of the Hs 126 then in pre-production stage.

During the first months of 1938, as the Hs 126 came in production, one fuselage minus wing a rear empennage was taken from the production lines and was fitted with revised tail planes, rotor, gearbox, controls and mast. The defensive gun was deleted and only a bomb rack on the left side was fitted. The experimental autogyro was tested at the Henschel Werke in Kassel. Soon Nazi staff accepted the plane and christened it Hs 126 G for Gyrodyne and took it to Spain for operational trials along with other Hs 126’s. As it stills as an experimental plane the gearbox frequently needed maintenance and the conditions in the field weren’t ideal. The normal Hs 126 proved to have a better service record compared to the Hs 126G although the G version had far better STOL capabilities and an even better vertical landing capability. Bombing trails proved pretty successful as the G-version was stable enough, although more training was needed to be really accurately. The bombs usually fell short of the targets as forward speed was lower than bombers were trained to cope with.

Here some pictures:

IMG_3426 by David Dunnebier, on Flickr

IMG_3425 by David Dunnebier, on Flickr

IMG_3423 by David Dunnebier, on Flickr

IMG_3422 by David Dunnebier, on Flickr

IMG_3420 by David Dunnebier, on Flickr


Ok, this is the 1/72 Italeri Hs 126 with one Academy H-21 rotor and Tu-2 tailplanes. Rotormast is scratchbuild. Markings came from Steel-works Hs 123 “over spain”set.

Hope you like it!

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Very cool layout. I like the colour scheme as well. Great job !

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Very cool. And even elegant, IMHO, the parts blend well into each other.  :thumbsup:


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At first I wasn't convinced but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me.
Good job.

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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Great build, it's given me a few ideas.



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By God that's nice! I really enjoyed the write up, particularly this asymmetrical bit:

QuoteThe defensive gun was deleted and only a bomb rack on the left side was fitted.

That it was sent to Spain for operational trials and took on Spanish livery is excellent.. something about that big "X" cross and such..   :wub:

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Different but very nice at the same time  :thumbsup:

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